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Providence Road Baptist Church Maiden NC

Updated on June 4, 2012

Preceding Pastor Worley Protest

I'm getting this posted a little late. After the fact. But the hate portrayed is still the same and light needs to be shined on this kind of hatred and hate speech.

I don't write too much anymore. I don't feel the need or have time with my photography and work but after reading a little more about this Pastor and the comments from his congregation I felt the need to.

First and foremost I am a christian but to hear this message of hate coming from a pastor is sickening. I'm referring to Charles Worley of the aforementioned church iun Maiden NC.

He and his congregation can spin it any way they want but it is a message of hate pure and simple.

Two parishioners Geneva Sims and Stacey Pritchard believe people need to be scared straight and that he is just trying to save people from Hell. They believe he is preaching the Word of God and the homosexuals are worthy of death for their sins. One church member believes adulterers should be stoned. Well, I'd like to know if they're worthy of death for their sins or do their sins not count? Those are mighty big words for people whom I doubting would be willing to stand up and confess their sins and take their stoning.

I have news for these parishioners they are just as worthy of a stoning for their sins as I am and anyone else. He wants to talk about being sick. His words are sickening. He and his parishioners are sickening talking about death and hate.

If all of his messages are this negative I can't imagine anyone sitting through even one sermon let alone all the time.

One of the scariest parts about this is the fact they turn around and try to downplay what Pastor Worley said and say he didn't actually mean what he said. He meant every word of what he said. I don't see how it could be taken out of context. He clearly stated that gays and lesbians should be put behind electrified fences and left to die. That's pretty clear to me.

Now they are backpeddling out of fear of being labelled a hate group and right wing extremists which is what they are.

They should just be honest with everyone. They are haters and believe in death to homosexuals and I'm sure alot of other people too. And stop hiding behind the bible to further their agenda of hatred.

He either did this as a publicity stunt or he is just a pure sociopath. I'm going to go with the latter. Can you imagine if people like him were allowed to rampant in our society?

If they want to talk about what the scriptures say, I would suggest reading the part about love and "Thou shalt not kill".

If left up to Charles Worley he would kill all the homosexuals. He danced around the issue rather than just coming out and saying he would use a weapon.

This is the scary part. There are people actually listening to this sociopath who may be delusional psychopath's who take his words literally. It happens all the time in church. People listen to these messages of hate and Hell until they think they can do anything they want all in the name of God. It's obvious and apparent that he thinks he can say whatever he wants and has the right to judge others. Well, I'd like to know who gave him the right to judge. Who made him God, judge, jury and executioner? Who bestowed upon him the right to decide who lives and who dies?

Certainly not God.

This pastor and his parishioners may think in their sick minds they are saving people from Hell but what they really doing is driving more people away from christianity. Especially those on the fence. The whole idea is to embrace love and peace.

If the pastors who love to pound the bible and preach Hell and damnation would instead preach love and peace they would probably find far more people embracing love and christianity instead of running far and fast away from it.

No one, not even preachers, have the right to condemn. They don't have the right to decide who's going to heaven and who's going to Hell. Because make no mistake about it, preachers like Worley and his congregation don't just condemn homosexuals they condemn anyone they feel isn't living up to the Word of God which in their sick minds is everyone but them.

The church, unfortunately, is a safe haven for many people who belong in padded cells. They can get away with talking and acting crazy under the guise of religion because they are considered religious when in all reality they have more psychiatric problems than a church can fix.

There are many people who are sane of course who just want a place to fellowship with other loving, likeminded people that doesn't include messages of hate but the problem is if they stay and listen to these messages for very long they will turn into this pastor and his congregation.

This pastor is not the only one out there preaching messages of hate and damnation in his sunday morning services. There are thousands more out there just like him that haven't grabbed the headlines.

Don't make the mistake of thinking he's just one rare, bad apple because there are alot of bad apples out there. He's the only one grabbing the media's attention.

Every time a pastor gets up and condemns his family to Hell, a neighbor who's cheating on his wife, a thief, someone who simply doesn't go to church the message is the same. It's one of hate.

Most of the churches I've been in send the same message, "Don't associate or congregate with those who don't attend church because in short their bad might rub off." In essence you don't want to congregate with drug dealers, murderers, thieves, etc. but the church(ones I've been in) teaches not to congregate with sinners and sinners are classified as any one who doesn't go to church and give them their money and any one else they choose to condemn.

If you follow this thinking, we are all dying and going to Hell since we all have the power to condemn if we want to.

I was taught not to judge or condemn, that only God has that power. The whole idea and concept of church should be love, joy and peace.


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