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Proving Darin Routier Could Have Gotten in and out of the Home Without Darlie Ever Knowing.

Updated on September 29, 2017

How is it possible that the jury was not shown the reasonable doubt regarding Darin.

Darlie's defense lawyer Doug Mulder claimed there was no conflict of interest in him taking on Darlie's case. He denied ever making a deal with Darin or Darlie not to implicate him in the crime. Transcripts prove otherwise.

There is more than reasonable doubt here to prove that Darlie was not only person in that home who could have murdered those boys. Darin not only had motive, he had opportunity.

Lets just list a few of those of those motives.

June 6th, Darlie accused Darin of having another affair, only this time it was with Dana.

Darlie asked Darin that night for a divorce. Darin wrote an affidavit admitting to this even though he never admitted to it during the trial.

Darlie threatened to expose Darin for his insurance fraud schemes and they fought about that also.

Darin was broke at the time, he may have had money on the books, but he had little cash available to him at the time. Darlie threatening to leave would have crippled Darin even further financially.

Darin went out to the garage just hours before the attack to separate his items from what Darlie was going to sell in their garage sale.

Darin had a huge payout if Darlie would have died.

There is evidence of this being a premeditated crime.


This shows the backyard and the sliding doors. Very easy for Darin to get in and out in 50 seconds.

Using the crime scene pictures to walk you through a story of how Darin could have lost the sock in the alley.

Here we have a picture of the front of the Routier home. As you can see one car is parked out front and the other is parked on the side of the home facing the alley to the back of the house just as Walling had stated.


03:45:19 Police Officer ...look for a rag...
According to Waddell Darin has disappeared right after they enter the house. Waddell says it was him who said get a rag.
03:59:29 Darin Routier ...(unintelligible) phone is right there...
They also claim Darin says the phone is right here, that does not make sense either. According to Waddell he comes in and Darin immediately disappears.
This leaves Darin from 03:45 seconds in to 04:32 seconds when Walling enters the house.
This leaves Darin 50 seconds to go down the alley and get back into the house through the sliding doors with out Walling ever seeing Darin out side of the home.


04:15:20 911 Operator #1 ...who's out there anybody out there...

According to the 911 call Walling is on the opposite side of the house at the exact time Waddell says Darin has gone over to karens. We already know that Darin did not go to karens at that time.

04:18:14 911 Operator #1 ...ok ma'am ...listen ...there's a police officer at your front door
your front door unlocked...

The operator is saying that the officers are at the front door a this time. Walling is still out of view of the back yard or the sliding doors in the living room.

04:32:18 Police Officer ...what about you... Walling enters the house and he goes right to Darlie

It is three seconds from when Walling enters the house and sees Darin in the living room from when Darin is making his statement to the police about the intruder taking and running.

Not only that Darin was described as being red faced and out of breath. There was no reason for him to be in that condition if he never left the house.

To further make my point Darin had timed how long it would take to get from the alley where the sock was back to the house. It takes only 28 seconds to do that. This leaves Darin more than 20 seconds to spare.

So we now know that Darin was not heard on the 911 call for long enough time for him to have gone down that alley and make it back. We also know that Darin could have done this without Walling ever seeing him outside that home.

According to Waddell he tells Darin after he returns to go and help Damon, but Darin doesn't do that. He goes right past his living son Damon and goes right back over to Demon where he performs that second cpr on him in front of Waddell, knowing for a fact that he had already died several minutes before. Darin already did cpr on Devon before Waddell ever entered the home.

Darin and his employee were behind the black car sightings around the home weeks before the attack.

Darin's employee admitted that Darin had asked her once again to help him with an insurance scam. Barbara Jovell admitted she was the one who sent the black car to the Routier home several times weeks leading up to the crime.


There is a not so funny story behind the famous black car that was seen stalking the home.

It was no secret that Darin had admitted to Skip Hollingsworth that he did an insurance scam involving his Jag car in 1994. He was actually paid out on that scam.

Darin left town and then he called his long time employee Barbara Jovell to have her report his Jag car stolen so he could collect the insurance on it. Its not known who actually reported the car stolen, but Darin was paid out for that car by the insurance company.

Just prior to the attack Darin went to several people asking if they knew someone who would rob his home so could collect the insurance. Darin was planning a vacation with his family on June 14th, just 8 days after the attack. Darin said he was planning the robbery to happen while he was away on vacation.

Here is the thing, Darin didn't have the money to take that vacation. According to the court records he had very little money in his account. Anyway, Darin claims that was the plan. He went to Barry Fyfe, and his father in law and others, but he swears he never actually hired anyone to rob his home.

Barbara Jovell admitted to me that she was the one who sent the car to the Routier neighborhood. She told many others that she had sent it there to look at landscaping idea's, but that was not the real reason. It was to make sure there was sightings near the Routier home of a suspicious black car.

I didn't just take her word for it, I had check for myself. Sure enough there were sightings all right. Apparently one time Karen Neil came from work to find this car parked suspiciously in front of her home, pointing the car in the direction of the Routier house. Very suspicious. This was a about week before the attack.

Karen got out of her car and walked towards this car to ask what he was doing. She said it was a man in the car, but couldn't get a good look the windows were tinted. As she was walking towards the car this person stepped on the gas and sped away in hurry. That convinced me Barbara Jovell was not pulling my leg.

The night before the murders Darlies housekeeper was looking out the window and she just happen to see this black car in the alley looking in the window of the Routiers garage. She called Darlie over to the window to show her, when Darlie looked out the window the car was driving away. Darlie say's she wasn't alarmed.

The odd thing about this whole situation is why this lady was working in the home with Darlie.

Darin was broke. He didn't even have the 543 dollars to pay the rent at his shop. He as behind on the mortgage and credit card payments. Yet he hired this housekeeper just two days earlier to come in and help Darlie with the house and kids.

What is even stranger, is Dana, Darlie's sister was also staying in the home that week with the Routiers. So why didn't she stay and help Darlie. Apparently Darin had hired this girl to work in his shop. He couldn't even afford the employee he had already hired.

So anyway, this lady sees the car and she tells her daughter Barbara about it. As if this wasn't suspicious enough Barbara Jovell testifies in court that she and her mother also encountered this car speeding past them as they were leaving the Routier home.

If that wasn't strange enough we then have Darin also seeing this car right before Barbara and her mother saw it. Darin claimed when he came home from work on June 5th, this car was speeding past his home., yet he goes into the house with Dana leaving his 5 and 6 year old son outside alone riding their bikes. Darin says nothing of this to Darlie even though he had gone to his neighbors days before to express his concerns about this black car stalking his home.

During testimony Darin tried to say that it was the neighbor who came to him to bring his attention to the car, but it turns out it was Darin.

Barbara Jovell knew the entire time this was part of her and Darin's set up, but when Darin called Dana right after the attack he asked Dana to contact Jovell and have her go to his home and give the police a statement about the black car.

Jovell actually shows up right after the attack and she calls detective Patterson over to give him the full statement, false statement about this black. Karen Neal also mentioned that she saw that black car go by that morning after the murders.

Barbara and her mother didn't seem to have any shame in what they did. In fact they didn't just stop there. Barbara and her mother went to court and they testified against Darlie. They accused her of sharpening the knives the day of the attack. Jovell explained to the court how Darlie and Darin fought over money and how Darlie spent all the money that should have gone back into the business. She went on and on.

Then Jovells mother gets on the stand and she actually accuses Darlie of trying to murder her son Drake right in front of Rebecca Neal, the 12 year old neighbor girl. She accused both Darlie and Rebecca of neglecting Drake by leaving him alone in a high chair in the kitchen. She said they were mean to her laughing at her. She goes on and on. Of course the 12 year old testified and explained this was all false.

I can not prove it, but I feel that Greg Davis knew that these witnesses were not telling the truth.

This proved to me that Darin was planning something that night. It may have escalated into murder, but there was something going to happen in that home.


This pictures shows that it was possible for Darin to have used the sliding door to exit the home to go through the back yard the short distance to the manhole to dispose of any evidence.


This picture shows that Walling would not have been able to see Darin go down that alley and dispose of the evidence the short distance away


I posted the diagram of the floor plan of the house to prove that it was very possible for Darin to have not only been that intruder, but he could have gotten from the utility room to the stairs by a totally different path than Darlie took.


Link to Waddell's interview describing had Darin had left the house right after they both came in.

Waddell assumed Darin went over to Karen's, but he didnt' got to Karen's at that time

Waddell goes into detail of how Darin ran out the front door when he was coming to the house. He then says they turned and went back into the house together. This is consistent with what the neighbor Gorsuch says.

Waddell goes over and tends to Darlie, but Darin disappears, he is gone for some time and when he appears again he is trying to convince the officers the intruder took and ran.

The 911 call proves Darin was gone for some time. That time line was long enough for Darin to have left the house gone down the alley and made it back to be there for Walling to walk in and see him in the living room.

Two separate paths for Darin and Darlie to get to thMForbesWriteHelp PreviewPublish Now Done Editing TOPIC Politics and Social Issues»Crime & Law Enforcement»C

Above is a picture of the floor plan. As you can see there are two separate ways for them to get to the dining room.

Darin could have been that intruder. He could have waited in the utility room or the garage until Darlie left the kitchen and went down the hallway to see Devon.

Darin could have waited in that dining room again until Darlie went to the kitchen to get the phone.

This also explains alot of strange unanswered questions. Like why did it take Darin so long to get downstairs to help his family. It also explains Darlie telling Darin to hurry 15 seconds into that 911 call.

Proving Darlie never stood at the foot of those stairs screaming for Darin. As this pictures shows below there is no blood evidence to prove Darlie was ever ne

There is blood in the hallway, but no blood at the foot of the stairs as Darin has claimed.

I never read any testimony or questioning during trail that would have proven Darin had lied about Darlie being at the foot of the stairs when he came out of his room.

This blood map proves without any doubt that Darin did not push past Darlie at the foot of the stairs as he claimed. Zero blood there to back his story.

What it does prove is Darin's first version of the story to the police and it also backs up the 911 call.

Darin told Nabors he was woken by Darlie screaming into the 911 call. The 911 call proves Darlie first got sight of Darin when she returned from the kitchen with the phone in hand already speaking to the 911 operator.



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    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 3 months ago from gatesville

      BZ, yes his family supports her, and Darin pretends to. He divorced her years ago, soon as he believed the heat was off of him. He does live with the girl he cheated on Darlie with. Was is shocking is Darlie's own mother supports Darin still. I will never understand how a mother chooses the son in law over her own daughter. Just don't get. She is so hated on the internet. I read horrible comments about her. I can understand the rage people feel. Even if she had looked at Darin to try and find the truth, but she didn't. Now she can see and still refuses to accept it.

    • Bernd Zimmerman profile image

      Bernd Zimmerman 3 months ago

      Hi MForbes.. nice to hear from you. I am shocked right now. So he is not married to her anymore? What about the rest of the family? Do they support her?

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 3 months ago from gatesville

      Hello Belinda, I agree. I hope I was able to explain myself well enough to prove that Darin should have been implicated in the crime. He had motive and opportunity. It was very possible for him to have fooled Darlie into believing he was in his room.

      If Darlie was part of that, Darin wouldn't have had to make sure she believed he was in his room. They would have both come forward claiming to see and intruder. Darin did everything in his power to put himself away from the crime, but all it did was make him look guilty. He couldn't change witness testimony, and he couldn't lie about or change that 911 call. That is where I caught him.

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 3 months ago from gatesville

      Hello BZ, nice to meet you. Your right about that. No evidence can be evidence. Darin is living with his old girlfriend he cheated on Darlie with. Apparently he bought her a new set of boobs. He seems to have money now too, so he is keeping his assets protected from what I hear. He is desperately trying to get into some biker group. I hope they know who he is before they think of letting him join. Bikers have high family values. Unlike some we know.

    • Bernd Zimmerman profile image

      Bernd Zimmerman 3 months ago

      very good article Mforbes.Let me introduce myself. I am Bernd from in the states for 3 and a half years. Because of Werner Herzogs deathrow documentary i came across Darlies case. Since then i try to follow everything relating to the case. It is a crazy case. I always thought about that intruder, no evidence, not a single piece. That is fact. The family must know this by now. Darin never got my attention. What is he doing these days? Does anybody know? The main thing i struggle with is the part with the bloodmap. Darlie left no blood near that staircase. Isnt this evidence, i mean, blood is evidence, why isnt No blood also evidence? This proves to me that she indeed could not see him comming down those stairs.By the way i do not agree on every part you wrote Mforbes. Darin redfaced doenst mean anything. But hey.. you really got my attention now.. i have to read those trial transcripts again. Will let you know what i think about Darin Routier.

    • lindaf3 profile image

      lindaf3 3 months ago from Amsterdam, The Netherlands

      Boy.. now this is what I call a hubpage. Stunning... I hope Darlie Kee finally opens her eyes.. She is still ''wishfullthinking"' That is very sad.. because there wasnt an intruder.. but there was Darin.. who they failed to look into. This says enough MForbes. Darin was outside before police arrived.. Gorsuch and Waddell backed this up. Kee denies it.. she goes with Darins lies.. Kee is the ''key'' she could blow this case open with these facts!!! She only wants facts regarding Darlies.. well here they are! Save your daughter Kee, but open your eyes first.

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 3 months ago from gatesville

      He should have been implicated in the crime Jackie. He had motive and the evidence proves it was very possible for him to have done the crime. He had no right to ask Mulder not to implicate him and to rob her of any reasonable doubt knowing the penalty was death for Darlie

    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 3 months ago from The Beautiful South

      I really believe he left her for dead and a very good thing she called 911 or would be dead now. He has laughed in the face of justice over 20 years and the judicial system has made it possible!