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Public Accounts: The Historical Rot

Updated on October 7, 2012

Public Finance under Democratic set up

I have strong doubts about any government in the world can truly claim that their revenue and spending have attained above a fifth of what is targeted/planned. More than 80% of what actually to be recovered through taxation and other means go irrecoverable owing to mythical populism and uneconomic public administration. Less than 20% of what actually spent to reach the needy and critical public utilities on account of public expenditure get delivered.

This is a historical rot looming larger ever ; ever since cheating in the name of fake democracy has been mastered by the mean minded and shameless politicians all over the world.

The history of communism recorded to be the shortest ; now that of democracy gets shortened by this very negativity of the public accounting alone!

Those whoever defend democracy cannot dispute the ever decaying trends and effects of the demoncracy which intruded into the global political mainstreams and playing havoc with the human ,ecological and economical balance among the ethnically, territorially and religiously rampaged mankind world over !

And evidence for whole rot is explosively being exposed in countries like India , of unparalleled glory of Vedic civilization for tens of thousands of years , democratic set up has shattered heritage and thrown the nation to DOGS


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