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Healthcare: Policy Process

Updated on August 9, 2019
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Healthcare Reform Health policy is a complicated issue to solve in this country how does one go about analyzing health policies?

Healthcare Reform

Public Policy Tools and Practices

Health policy is a complicated issue to solve in this country how does one go about analyzing health policies? The World Health Organization (WHO) defined health policy as an agreement or consensus on the health issues, goals and objectives to be addressed (Collins, 2005). 40 years ago, Donabedian put in place quality of healthcare, by having staffers to observe its structure, process and outcomes (Hughes, 2016). Fast forward 20 years later Deming rebuild by manufacturing of a post-World War 2, he promoted consistency of the purpose, systematic analysis and measure the process in relation to compacity (Hughes, 2016). On March 23 the Obama administration passed Obamacare. The tools and practices used in the health policy provided a cut in the number of people that are uninsured. This practice provided coverage for 94% of the population. Today rebuilding the healthcare policy was necessary to protect the people. This seems like the Deming practice because he looked at the organizational management, teamwork, defined the process, system thinking and change to create healthcare improvement (Hughes, 2016). These practices seem easy, but with a divided in people’s opinions affects teamwork and creating a change (Collins, 2005). After reviewing Case Study: The Winds of Change there was the same issues of how to create an environmental policy and the lack of teamwork was able to leak to the public, which created the policy to be a failure (Laureate Education Inc., 2014).

Policy change for me is having comprise from both parties to create teamwork. One can agree there is a need for environmental change as well. Having team players not interested in the work needed this organization will fail (Laureate Education Inc., 2014). John Bury, was not interested in environmental change and did not do what was required of him (Laureate Education Inc., 2014). He also thought he was above the law and could not get fired (Laureate Education Inc., 2014). This type of behavior needs to be change and James J. Envigood proved him wrong by firing him. When he was discharged, he realizes he was not above the law. I say this because in order to have effective policy, teamwork is needed.

Following best practices in healthcare we need to go back to the basics. Obamacare was big change for the people, and it help many receive health insurance even if you had a pre-existing condition. 94% of the public has health care, its limitation is many of the people covered had high deductible so many still did not see medical professionals until the end of the year (Rosenbuam, 2011). Being a surgical tech the strain it places on the staff is also an issue, because you end up in mandatory overtime. People with the high deductible would still go to the emergency room and get admitted that way because it can be declared an emergency. Organizational management is a limitation because many people that become superior to others can affect the team’s outcome (Hughes, 2016). Being witness, most nurses do have business experience that affects the team’s outcome for quality control. If more medical professionals provided input what works in healthcare, I feel would help in health policy adjustments.

Implementing democracy in health policy, we can agree that is needs system thinking for change in improvement of the public (Collins, 2005). Having these tools can seem difficult, but with climate change, the need for environmental regulations falls into health policy as well. With structure I feel that health policy can be very successful.


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