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Published names of the defendants on the issue of foreign funding in Egypt.

Updated on February 25, 2012

List the names of 43 accused.

Counselor Ashraf Ashmawy, managing director of the investigating judge and the Justice Department to investigate.

Yesterday he had decided to refer them to the Criminal Court on the issue of foreign fundingfor organizations and civic associations, including Egyptians, Americans, Germans, Lebanese, Jordanian and Serbs to the Criminal Court.

The list of accused 14 people of working Republican Institute
They are:
Samuel Adam , the son of U.S. citizenship and U.S. Secretary of Transportation,
Shireen Séany Branch Manager Institute in Egypt,
Christian Onml Director of Alexandria Branch,
SORT Cech Director of Assiut Branch,
Hans Holtert Luxor Branch Manager,
John George, director of training for political parties,
Rida Khadr (Palestinian) responsible Republican Institute programs,
Osama instinctively (U.S.) Assistant Director of political programs,
Sanya marks (U.S.) Financial Manager, Elizabeth Keegan responsible political programs,
Ahmed Shawky and Ahmed Abdul Aziz Ahmed Adam and Issam herding managers who are administrators of the organization.

It also includes the case of 15 accused of working Democratic Institute are:
Julien Hoaoz (U.S.) resident in Egypt,
Okadan Tortović (Serbian) Assiut Branch Manager,
Bhumidar (Serbian) The Director of Alexandria Branch,
Leila Gaafar (an American of Syrian origin) Deputy Director General,
Robert Baker (U.S.), director of political parties,
Marina Tovavić (Serb) director of the political parties at the level of the Republic,
Stipe Lynn Haag (U.S.) program director Dana Diaconua (U.S.) charge of training,
Haji Ali Suleiman (Lebanese)
Michael James Sarun (U.S.) official support to ensure training,
Maroun al-Safar (Lebanese) official support to ensure training,
Mohammed Ashraf Omar, assistant political programs,
Said Rowan, responsible individual programs,
Hafsa Maher and Amjad Mercy (Egyptians) Assistant Director, Office of Assiut.

The case also includes defendants from Freedom House:
Dan Charles (U.S.) Regional Director,
Sharif Ahmed Sobhi (American of Egyptian origin), Director of FAO's programs in Egyptand the Middle East,
Samir Salim rider (Jordanian) is responsible for the organization in North Africa,
Mohamed Abdel-Aziz, program coordinator in the office of Egypt,
Nancy Aqil Jamal Cairo bureau chief,
Mohammed on behalf of official political programs,
Magdi Muharram official financial affairs.

In addition to accusing the U.S. of the International Center for Journalists (U.S. organization):

Patrick Patril (U.S.) Deputy Director General,

Santa Tanis official development programs in the Middle East,

Mira Nasal responsible program management,
Yahya Zakaria Ali, Director of Branch Office in Egypt,
Islam Shahin, chief financial officer.

Among the defendants from working the German Konrad:
Andreas Jacobi (German) director of the organization of the branch of engineering,
Christian Barry (German nationality) Financial Manager of the organization in Egypt.

The previously mentioned face charges of establishment and management of branches of international organizations on Egyptian land, without a license from the Egyptian government, in violation to the law of the establishment and management of civil society organizations.
And implementation of training programs for political parties, and research query, and explore on random samples of citizens, and support the election campaigns of political parties and to mobilize their voters in the parliamentary elections, without a license andprepare reports for this activity and sent to the head of the organization in the United States of America.
And financing of non-Egyptian foreign persons, received and accepted the money in the form of support from the international organization to their bank accounts, and throughmoney transfer companies and credit cards related to a private bank accounts outside of Egypt in order to exercise the activity that violates the sovereignty of the Egyptian state.
The volume of funding, -according to the indictment- within four months millions of dollars,
Distributed as follows:
Republican Institute $ 12 million,
Democratic Institute $ 18 million,
Freedom House, $ 5 million,
American International Center for Journalists (U.S. organization) 3 million,
Conrad Organization (Organization of German) 1.6 million euros.


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