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Puerto de la Cruz Rotary Club

Updated on June 26, 2011

Puerto de la Cruz Rotary Club

A brief history of the Rotary club as referenced in Wikipedia:

"The world's first service club, the Rotary Club of Chicago, was formed on 23 February 1905 by Paul P. Harris, an attorney who wished to capture in a professional club the same friendly spirit he had felt in the small towns of his youth."

Concept of The Rotary Club

Paul P. Harris the founder of the Rotary Club concept envisioned a "Professional Club" with a "friendly spirit".

Rotary Clubs throughout the world are known for their strong sense of community and friendly spirit of cooperation.

Foundation of the Rotary Club

The Rotary's Foundation is predicated to empower Rotarians to increase world understanding, cooperation and teamwork among communities with peace via the improvement of medical services while supporting advancement in education, and the elimnation of poverty.

The end point is to improve the standard of life of all.

This Is What The Rotary Club Is About

For those to whom this applies, please learn from the above video the true spirit of the Rotary Club. Getting together and closing out those who attempt to introduce themselves to you serves to undermine the principal foundation established by Paul P. Harris when he initially set forth on his mission to improve the communities that comprise the world.

Unfriendly Rotary Club of Puerto de la Cruz

In my personal experiences I can truly say that in my opinion the Rotary Club of Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Spain is clearly the antithesis of everything the Rotary Club is known for.

After presenting myself to several members of the Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Spain Rotary Club with a sincere offer to add significant value I was greeted with a very cold, unfriendly and borderline rude reception.

I find this somewhat interesting given that my purpose in addressing this group was to provide significant assistance in promoting causes that benefit the local community in many ways.

Clearly outsiders are NOT welcome by the Puerto de la Cruz Rotary club and those who dare to offer a golden ring to improving the local community are greeted with total distain.

Prior to publishing this hub article I contacted the main office of the rotary club in the United States and read this entire artcle to them to obtain their approval of its' content prior to publishing.

I received their approval over the phone on June 23, 2011 at 1630 hrs EST.

I hope those who read this article will leave with a clear understanding as to the true value that Rotary Club provides communities when the respective local organizations properly represent the true values esposed by it's founder.

Puerto de la Cruz Rotary Club

Do I Know What The Rotary Club Is?

Do I Know What The Rotary Club Is?

This was the question posed to me in a sarcastic way by the Puerto de la Cruz Rotary Club of Tenerife, Spain when I attempted to introduce myself to them.

I hope the above article clearly answers that question and that they now have a clear understanding of what the true purpose of the Rotary Club is.


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