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Punishment and Death Penalty

Updated on November 22, 2017

'All criminals deserve to be punished severely'

In this day and age, punishment is used differently to how some people would like it to be used. This statement "All criminals deserve to be punished severely" is an agree to disagree matter. There isn't factual proof why this point should be the law but, it is just a matter of opinion. If you stole a bean can, would you likely to be put to death?

Evidently, the severity of the punishment depends on the crime. For example, if you stole a newspaper versus a guy who strangled a baby to death. Would you get the same punishment? Consequently, this doesn't support you being punished the same.

On the other hand, short-term sanctions don't work because 59% of the people who commit these crimes do it again when they get out of prison or finish their community service. Politicians in other foreign countries think they should bring back the death penalty. This would work more and it's not manslaughter of the judge who passed it because he was empowered by the government.

In my opinion, I think that the current sentences should be longer and they should bring back the death penalty because then you would feel safe because they are gone and they can't hurt you anymore. However, they should stop community service because it just shames them not trains them.

In conclusion, the death penalty doesn't exist anymore, and it doesn't make people feel safe. Current sanctions are in place for a reason and if you extend of lower them then the criminals won't get what they deserve. But society dictates on that and says that if we extend the sentences, the crime rate will go up as proven by the evidence shown in previous paragraphs.

© 2017 Nathan Wain


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