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Punitive Police are Brutal by Merwin

Updated on November 25, 2011

Crowd control, direct, subdue, arrest..? Yes..! But punish..?

What is up with pepper spraying people, who are simply sitting on their butts blocking passage?

For those who did not see the footage...

If you scroll down in the article there are video links, the first is the pepper spray, the next is the University Chancellor leaving work at the end of another day of good work. (yes, that was me being sarcastic)

This will not be a long Hub... not long at all, for it needs to be simply put.

When the "civil" authorities have a group like this, to do anything other than to restrain them to arrest them, so that they might be taken to court to be tried... to expose them to this kind of painful distress is to punish them for doing what they are doing.

Sorry, but the Police do not have the right to punish.

The CBS source, Charles J. Kelly a former Baltimore Police Lieutenant said that pepper spray is a "compliance tool" and that what the video shows is, "fairly standard Police procedure".

The infliction of pain on anyone who is not trying to hurt you or someone else, is to punish them for the thing they are involved in, to make them stop their involvement. Punishment carried out before court sentencing is brutality.

Punishment for wrong doing, is supposed to be meted out as a result of court sentencing when it is decided that what a person was doing, deserves what they are being sentenced to... fines, imprisonment, or even corporeal punishment.

I am not against the use of pepper spray or other means for the protection of life and limb, and is some cases property, as in the case of riots.

But we should never allow University Chancellors or the Police to decide the punishment for passive wrong doers on the spot. If they are bound and determined to become part of that advanced process let them become Judges, Prosecutors... or volunteer for Jury duty.

ADDENDUM 11/25/11...

Please see the video clip from the local news channel included in Erik K's provided link below titled "Disabled Man Tasered To Death For Falling Off Bike".

We citizens are the Rulers of our country. The elected officials merely represent what we want. Sure the police have a hard job, it is full of stress and they are simply (in most cases) following procedure when something like this happens.

BUT, if the policies say to taser an old man on a bicycle who is not threatening anyone... then the Official Policies need changing... meaning, WE need to change them. And we only have a short window of time to regain what we've lost and to stop our slide into governmental tyranny.

Do not tell yourself it cannot happen in this country, it is happening.

We need to vote and be involved as Rulers, we cannot abdicate our responsibilities that have been ordained to us. Vote..!

Vote to regain and maintain citizen rulership. The Constitution gives the people the power... not the governance. Vote for your Liberties..!

Ron Paul for President.


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    • profile image

      Chasuk 6 years ago

      100% agreed, Merwin.

      Cops are our servants. They primarily exist to stop vigilantism. When they start acting like corrupt paramilitary, it's time for a change.

    • yellowstone8750 profile image

      yellowstone8750 6 years ago from Taos, nm

      I think they were wearing brown shirts.

    • profile image

      Roger Crigger 6 years ago

      "The times, they are a changin'" What we're all seeing and feeling in the air, (in EVERY respect) is the ominous, impending moment when "The Grand Illusion" finally and completely meets "The Grand Finale"!!!