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How to Shop from Home

Updated on November 29, 2014

Reasons To Shop Online

While many retail businesses face a dull period as the economy slowly recovers from the doldrums those who sell online are thriving. The cost of petrol and parking puts people off mall shopping while the prices of retail goods is often exorbitant. Sales are usually false as goods are brought in from disposal centers to rid suppliers of slow moving or seconds, that is goods not quite up to the mark. The stores acquire them a lot cheaper but offer them usually for very little below normal retail. AQlthough there are bargains to be had if you are quick enough.

Having been caught many times with such reduced 'bargains' only to find them sold elsewhere for the same or lower price woke me up to the scams that some big retailers are guilty of. That's why I love Internet shopping. Once I know what I want and what the retail price is I find it online usually at a much cheaper price and often better quality.

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My Online Malls

Shopping online is no different to shopping conventionally except it has huge advantages. Picture that the site you are entering is a mall without people. You are the only shopper around. You have the run of the place and you can go from shop to shop in an instant. Its like you have a fairy wand and when you think of something you have it before you. You really should try it out.

Its the 21st Century miracle. You shop online, pick your goods enter them in the shopping cart, pay and the goods are on their way to your door and you have not moved from your chair.

What could be simpler or more convenient. We are living the dream that our parents and grandparents could only imagine so why not take full advantage of this 21st Century miracle. The only thing that could surpass it would be if things turned up automatically just by thinking about them. Wouldn't that be something?

The mouse is the perfect robot. Look how hard it works for us!

This has prompted me to set up 2 Shopping Site2 marketing goods for large and small operators whereby the manufacturers or agents supply goods directly to the public through me. The quality is superb and the goods on display can take your breath away. There is no middleman or other expenses except for the small commission given to me for the sale.

Who would have believed, for instance, that you can buy prescription glasses that are UV protected, scratch resistant and even tinted from $8. My last pair of glasses with these characteristics cost me over $400 and my sister just spent almost $600 on hers which she managed to damage severely a week later in a fall.

Is Shopping Online Dangerous? - Is this the reason you would never shop this way?

Everyone has a reason for either doing it or not doing it. Frankly I buy heaps online and have never had a problem. What about you? But some are reluctant to use their credit cards this way but there are alternatives.

Do you fear you will be taken down by credit card fraud or something else?

No Driving, No Parking, No Hassles.

Online shopping is really taking over from conventional ways of doing it. It has so many advantages to fighting your way to a Mall and then being worn out by the distances covered to find the shop you want and the crowds you battle through on the way. Parking is also a hassle and it costs money aside from the expense of driving there.You also have parcels to lug around and tote home.

If you are a young married couple with young children the hassles can be greatly increased with them in tow. Just as you are about to be served, after waiting some time at the checkout, one of them could be tugging at your leg urgently wanting to go to the toilet. You drop everything and rush away before disaster happens. Then they are hungry, tired, you are frustrated, dad is probably there and by now getting very cranky and the whole day is a tragedy.

You buy some over salted chips or sticky fatty cakes to pacifiy them while you finish the shopping. Then there are sticky fingers lovingly cuddling your legs as you progress to the next store. If this is you then let me tell you there is an easier way, Just shop online and the good news is that the children can do it too.

But children are not the only hassles with regular shopping malls. They are a major source of germs. Trolleys are contaminated with ecolii bacteria after depositions of protein from babies, children and people whose hands are not washed after using a toilet or coughing and sneezing into them. Recent ventures into shopping malls sees me protected with rubber gloves and a mask, especially now that Swine Flue and other diseases are rampant in our midst. People are passing their bugs on to the unsuspecting everywhere and children are most at risk - so why risk it?

If you are advancing in years you will get backaches and other problems from shopping in such a center. Pushing the trolley can also be a hazard as they usually don't go where you want them to and consequently you are expending a lot of energy getting around. This increases your stress and loss of energy. By the time you get to the check out you are usually past being nice anymore and heading towards snapping at the assistant who decides to do a till check just as its your turn to be served. No wonder older people are called 'grumpies'. Pain is a hindrance to being nice and accepting while intolerance is one of its side effects.

You could also be laid up with an injury or illness that prevents you getting to the stores in the first place. So what do you do then? If you have your computer and know where to go online you can have the goods you need usually within hours.

Maybe you have been reluctant to explore the options open to you now that the Internet has progress to the point where you can buy anything and everything online and usually for a fraction of the normal price. If you have not yet embraced it then do so now. Click of the images above to see my shopping centers and the millions of products they sell within. It is the easiest and best way to shop and older people and children can easily master it if they learn how.

If you have older people around you why not teach them how to use the Internet? You can easily encourage your children because these days most of them are learning it in school and can probably teach their parents. The best thing to do first and foremost is to make sure you have a computer for them. You can find very reasonably priced ones here And of course there are heaps of programs to help people of all ages cope with medical problems

My first mall is a proper center where merchants offer their goods through pages set up on the site and headed appropriately. Goods on offer range through all types of products both physical and small and large, decorative, fashions and accessories, catering to all types and some are sent globally. That means they can be ordered and sent to anyone anywhere.

There are devices for healthy living, tracking children who might go missing, for family fun and amusement, entertainment and the more serious side of life. It caters for the everyday needs of families such as clothing, bargain buys, gifts, books, office and business equipment and cooking needs, flowers and even comics.

Among my favorites are the educational products such as that which help children and illiterate adults to read. One of them is called Online brain games to help keep your mind sharp! And, of course, this travel site Friendly Planet Travel which offers amazing deals for anyone wanting a holiday and is a great stress reliever. Stress is a major cause of cancer and probably Alzheimer Disease, although it has not been proven..

There are heaps of Internet Service sites here and business help. Food, beverages, wine and catering are all available and the equipment is amazing.

What Shops Online Offer That Conventional Malls Don't

Aside from the things already mentioned there are other advantages. To begin with you can browse in your time for the best bargains and go from shop to shop without getting tired. You can do this day or night and when sleep is hard to find then just shop til you drop.

In the cold winters of the Northern Hemisphere you don't want to risk the germs that are sailing around a normal mall waiting to infect you. You can pick up the Hendra virus very easily from those who are already suffering the disease and probably don't even notice. Touch a toilet door, a shopping trolley or something else that one has handled without washing their hands and you are at risk. But this does not apply when shopping from home.

Still images from Dreamstime - click here

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© 2008 norma-holt

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    • TransplantedSoul profile image


      5 years ago

      If I know exactly what I want, buying online is great. Sometimes browsing on a store can be fun too.

    • ftuley lm profile image

      ftuley lm 

      7 years ago

      Enjoyed the read.


    • profile image

      HappySeasons LM 

      9 years ago

      Thank you for telling us about the differences between retail and online shopping... Matt :)


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