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Pushing Outward Evenly

Updated on February 3, 2011

Staying Out of Their Influence

      I had an interesting realization this morning.  These people use IDEAS to bring our moods down and make us afraid.  I decided to try simply NOT thinking OF ANYTHING while enjoying a video game.  It works:  the mind that is best at forgetting/thinking about nothing quickly rises above the mental miasma that pulls our very minds about.  You are yourself, you are not in any pain and you perform all sorts of activities better.   This is how a total fool can demonstrate the ability to survive which might destroy someone "more intelligent, but less informed ". 

     So, in this reverse-age of brainwashing and electronic enslavement - "I DON'T THINK, THEREFORE I SURVIVE" might be a very effective way to think.  You have to be thinking of someone/something to have it twisted around and used against you.  Think of absolutely nothing whatsoever and it's like donning a bullet-proof mental vest against the psychic slings and arrows of today's overly cramped, thought-policed, 1984-like Kingdom of fear.  You aren't thinking anything BAD, but your body continues to do whatever you have commanded it to. 

     Through a series of "semi-fixed action patterns" (actions carried out in response to old orders, which cannot be changed in any way by any new thoughts or feelings), we create a flash-frame existence that comes really close to imitating human life decades ago.  One long mission is simply broken down into a series of sub-commands from your mind.  You turn your awareness on enough to simply control your body.   At crucial points in each "mission", you command your body to perform whatever the appropriate action is to complete a chain of completely self-created ideas.

       These days, living free isn't easy.  Just try to do things without any restraint and you'll find something is holding us back.  This is how this techno-fascism controls us:  it gets us HUNG UP on some idea or emotion (usually something depressing or distressing when we are doing/thinking anything we shouldn't be.).  Just view the mind as a chalkboard on which you are continuously making statements/actions, then erasing them.  This is analogous to hitting the reset button on a computer.  Doing this to yourself is un-expected.  People are expected to think one idea, then keep thinking it.   Today, your level of mental predictability is a liability.  You must blank-out the mind and then quickly think of something new, quickly forget it and blank out again. 

     I've had to do so many things in a psychic hail-storm in which we must be unresponsive to negative ideas popping into our minds.  The DELETE/CREATE A NEW IDEA technique works because it interrupts "psychological warfare thoughts" and quickly allows us to put a completely new idea in it's place.  It also prevents THEM from changing the perspective of a thought you are having into something depressing.  The very INTERPRETATION of reality is being dictated through very powerful groups who have access to this psychotronic equipment.  We get our positive-thoughts/feelings on the run, you could say.  Youv'e got to compress an entire pleasure-experience down to a millisecond.  You get what you want/need and then wipe the slate clean again.  This might be hard to understand at first, but try it and you'll see that you are a lot less controlled by these false signals trying to imitate our own thoughts and emotions. 

     Our very memories are being erased and our minds hampered with this "mind technology".  Our bodies are being pulled about like angry puppet-masters tugging at our muscles with electronic stimulation.  The best thing to do is spread the word to any Electronically-harassed people you know.  The mind is so CONTROLLED these days that it takes any trick you can think of to break the hypnotic spell of this electronically-controlled society.  It is so devoid of:  LIFE, individual personality, human color, passion and fun these days.  By repeatedly stopping/restarting the mind, your OWN thoughts are the first thing to kick in.  Then you give yourself a mission to do based on this thought.  Your mind is harder to influence when it is TOTALLY FOCUSED ON A THOUGHT/ACTION.  Keep doing that and a significantly higher percentage of thoughts and actions will genuinely be yours. 

     Last, but not least:  if you are in a corner where you feel you need help:  Pray to God, focus on that ringing in your ears and listen for the slower-occurring "Salvation Frequency".  This will ALWAYS save you.  It's like a tractor beam for the soul that pulls it out of Hell.  You may find that you are very Christian after this.  I personally don't mind it and use my enhanced ability to think for myself as a means to further my own theological debate.  All I can say is that God Saves and the other side kills you on the inside.  You can choose to think what it takes to survive and you can go back to your personal thoughts later.  With the "Dark Side", you do not get a choice to think anything for yourself if they possess you!


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