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Vladimir Putin Celebrates His First Big Win With The Use of The White House

Updated on June 1, 2017

Russia is Playing A Superior Game of Politics

The Kremlin is extremely diplomatic and to prove it Russia has open back-channels with every country including America's enemies Syria, Iran, North Korea, and even the Taliban. Yet the President applauds the leadership and shares classified information with the very same country that stockpiled weapons to annihilate the U.S. Do you remember the cold war? How much has Russian behavior changed since then? Russia remains closely allied with several of the United States' greatest threats, invaded the sovereign state of Ukraine and frequently engages in cold war style posturing and intimidation of the U.S. military.

The Ball is in Putin's Court

It is an established fact that the Russians attempted to affect the outcome of the 2016 election. How successful they were is still being measured. But what is also certain is which direction they aimed to sway the votes. The media onslaught that followed the Trump victory and the present inquiry into the Trump administration's involvement with the Russians has given the Former KGB LT. Colonel, Vladimir Putin the ammunition he needs to coerce the White House that is if they weren't already so corporative. Imagine if the Kremlin were to circulate proof of collusion with the Trump administration. How exactly would President Trump and his team go about disproving such an unholy alliance? We are now getting a glimpse of what the former KGB foreign intelligence officer intends to move on.

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The Paris Climate Agreement was A Major Target

The Russians may simply have backed Trump because they didn't like Hilary but if it was more cynical than that then I believe the devil lies in the details of the Paris climate agreement.

Hilliary Clinton would have obviously supported the Paris agreement and continued the Obama Administration's posture towards the Kremlin. The Obama Administration through the Paris climate deal had successfully ensured that the Soviet style government of Vladimir Putin would continue to recede as a global power. During the Obama presidency, the United States immensely reduced its dependence on foreign oil, became the largest natural gas producer, reduced its carbon footprint and made excellent strides toward targets for greater utilization of renewable energy. It is this particular focus on renewable energy that threatened to depress the Russian economy and the Russian decline was certain to continue at a faster pace given the rest of the world followed America's leadership towards meeting similar targets for reduction in fossil fuel and a focus on renewable energy. The Paris climate agreement would have ensured that Russia continued to decline as a global power. This conclusion made the Kremlin aggressive enough to hack the political campaigns of U.S. candidates. And President Trump despite all his failed agendas at home does not waste any time dismantling the Paris agreement.

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In what order is your red, white and blue?


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    • CatherineGiordano profile image

      Catherine Giordano 6 months ago from Orlando Florida

      I think Trump is a Russian asset.