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Putin and Trump: Collusion on Ukrainian Aid?

Updated on November 14, 2019

What a shock it must have been when a staffer to Sonderland, a man close to Trump, who contributed $1 million to his 2016 campaign, actually heard POTUS tell Sonderland that he cared much more about getting dirt on Biden for the 2020 campaign than giving aid to the Ukraine. That phone call clearly shows it all about Trump's mental intent on Ukraine. Trump could care less about Ukraine. Trump was directing all things Ukraine.

What Other Shocks Will Come Out?

Questions are rising about Putin. Trump and Putin are strange bedfellows, leaders of the world's powerful nations. It is quite reasonable to believe or infer that Trump's withholding of US military aid to the Ukraine originated with Putin. Putin would have all to gain from such a thing. Russian forces still remain in Ukraine. They took the Crimea, formerly of the Ukraine. They invaded Ukraine in 2014 and have not left. The last thing Putin wants is for a USA strong show of support in military aid to Ukraine. Putin wants a weak Ukraine in order to have leverage during any negotiations.

We have still not seen any transcript of the Finland meeting between Trump and Putin. All notes were destroyed. Why? One could infer that Trump and Putin reached some sort of agreement about Ukraine, that, the Ukrainian aid be stopped or withheld. Trump could condition this (as he did) to keep any reference to Putin out of it, which would certainly impeach Trump. Maybe there was not an agreement, maybe, it was just a discussion where Putin planted the idea of stopping the aid to Ukraine in return for some sort of real estate deal or benefit in the future after he left office. Putin knows how to play Trump even if Trump does not even realize it.

Putin may have also planted the idea that it was Ukraine that had interfered with the US 2016 election, even though the CIA indicated it was Russia. He may have also planted the idea that Biden has some sort of nefarious dealings in the Ukraine along with his son. All these suggestions could have easily swayed Trump's thinking into alignment with Putin's. After all, finding any dirt on Trump's main rival, Biden, would help Trump in the 2020 election.

In Trump's mind, it all made sense. It all fit well into Trump's distrust of Ukraine. Putin could have also planted the wacky idea that the DNC server was actually in the Ukraine somewhere. Putin know's Trump is gullible to conspiracy theories especially those that attack him.

Trump is subject to influence from Putin because Trump idolized the Russian president. Just suggesting all the above to Trump, got Trump to think about creating an unofficial channel to the Ukraine to bypass the official channels normally used. Trump hired a personal attorney to be his investigator in the Ukraine and directed him. When Taylor and Kent were made aware about this "highly irregular" channel that had been secret, it greatly concerned them.

The connection to Putin regarding Trump holding back the aid, getting dirt on Biden, using an unofficial channel to bypass certain people, points to abuse of power and more.

One can connect dots that lead to Putin.


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