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Pyrrhic Victory.

Updated on September 3, 2010

A loss for NYC.

Imam Feisal Abdul Raul came back from his trip abroad, which was on the back of the American taxpayer, because it was sponsored by the U.S. government, to the news that the New York Community Board 1 has approved a plan to build a mosque in Lower Manhattan, near the site of the demolished World Trade Center, due to the 9/11 attacks by 19 Islamic quadrupeds.

No one could blame (the) Community Board 1, because it was an extension of the New York City Council, which agreed to the building of the mosque almost two months ago; and although, according to reports, the decision which was made "after a heated four hour meeting", was automatic.

The Imam was present at the meeting; and his presence could only remind a lot of people of the fable of "the Fox and the Hen". To make a long story short, the Fox beguiled the hen to come down from its safe perch and then had it (hen) for its (fox's) dinner.

That was what New Yorkers should imagine, that, after the establishment of the Community Center, the neighborhood could be turned into a propaganda venue geared to offset what happened on 9/11, 2001.

There were also some Muslims at the meeting claiming that they lost family members, or injured themselves trying to save other peoples lives on that horrific day. However, that should not be an excuse for a mosque to be built almost at the same place, because the attack on the WTC was perpetraded by elements of people who believed that it was an act to honor Allah.

It could be assumed that the Imam and those who supported the erection of the mosque have won, inspite of it being a Pyrrhic victory; but many more people, of religious, as well as non-religious persuasion, in the city and around the nation, would come together and determine that the mosque must never see the light of day, because, it would not only be a loss for New York City; it would also signify a victory over the U.S.


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