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Updated on October 12, 2012

He also was full of laughter.

Vice-president Joe Biden was in a fighting mood last night at the debate with Rep. Paul Ryan, the Republican Party vice-presidential candidate.

It was a fight between youth and experience, and on this occasion, the Vice-president (Biden) won on all four points, on questions relating to President Barack Obama's foreign policy, and particularly on the Benghazi attack that has occupied the forefront of the news, since it happened.

Obama's foreign policy, which Ryan had managed to haul it over board, as if it did not exist, was counteracted by Biden with the fact that the president was on top of every issue that affected his agenda on dealing with sensitive foreign matters; like coming out of Afghanistan war in 2014 as planned and getting the Afghans themselves to take care of their country.

"If you don't set a firm date, the Afghans will not step up; it was up to them to be responsible for their own security and to defend their country," the vice-president had emphasized. Plus specifically adding that "the United States does not need another war," anywhere in the world.

Going back to the Benghazi case, he said that the Obama administration was active in Libya with the investigation of who exactly might have done it. "... and we'll bring them to justice," in a voice vibrating with emotion, right at the very start of the debate.

Ryan's aim was to politicize the attack, by saying that the administration was stuck on making a video about Muhammad the cause of the attack, and refusing to admit that it was terrorist planned and coordinated and not a "spontaneous" act, as claimed by the government.

On taxes, Biden poo pooed on the Romney/Ryan plan and even laughed, almost incessantly at it, and said the its "math" did not add up. It would "stick" to the middle class and favor the wealthy; showing that he (Biden) was there to protect the interest of everyday working people.

In other words, making the tax burden for the rich easy or easier was not the answer to the country's economic and financial problems; and that was the mindset the vice-president had for the tax plan of the opposition.

Unlike Obama, Biden was there to argue that the country was on the right path with a new plan and attitude; and that Romney and Ryan would bring back old policies that have failed in the past. The country could not afford that.

In response, Ryan was just harping on the mantra of "creating jobs" and building a strong economy, which has been the frame work of the Republican campaign; but the public has heard that so many times, it did not have the desired effect at the debate.

To make a long story short, Biden has done his work efficiently, by exposing his challenger as a novice, when it came down to the nitty-gritty of being practical in politics; and it was up to Obama to tackle the deficit, the large National debt, and how he proposed to cure them and would do to get China, as the principal debtor, off the back of the United States.

He must also trust the Israelis for what they were saying, in regard to Iran's determination to acquire a nuclear bomb; though, Biden made it clear that Iran might be capable in putting a bomb together, but no container would be available for its delivery.

However, that was not the point. The point was that Iran or any terrorist entity could use a suitcase, for example, to explode a "dirty bomb" anywhere in the world, even if only they had the "know how" of the ingredients or the constituents of a nuclear device. That would be scary for any nation, including Israel that Iran's leaders have verbally threatened to "annihilate".

He, Obama, must go at Romney, his opponent, with the same enthusiasm and tenacity that his vice-president had come to his (Biden's) debate; and to use the opportunity to tell the country that the plans that the Obama administration was going to put FORWARD in the next four years were sound and elaborate to deal with the issues in question.

Plans that would end the high rate of unemployment, defuse the deficit, and at the same time, (to) find an effective way to get rid of the National debt in the long term, for the U.S. economy to become vibrant and strong again, as it should be.

Anything less, like his "supine performance", as the media put it, at his last debate on October 3rd, would spell defeat.

There was a split in the polls as to who won the debate last night; but in many people's opinion, Biden contained Ryan fairly well, for him (Biden) to be declared the winner.


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