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Qatar Plays Both Sides in the Middle East

Updated on July 24, 2014
Palestinian President, Qatar King, and Hamas leader
Palestinian President, Qatar King, and Hamas leader

The Middle East has always been filled with double-crossing entities operating on their own agenda. The West is continually being burned by seemingly friends who show their real inclinations. After all, all the players in this area are in a CYA mode and for good reason, it is very explosive. Yet, their is some consistency- the USA, UK, and Europe are generally unified many times when wars break out there. Russia and Iran are friends when it benefits them and neither is seldom friends to the West, in a true sense. China simply looks in that direction as a market place for goods, weapons, to sell, much like Russia.

Of the Arab nations, Saudi Arabia has been more of a dependable friend to the West. But their annoyance with President Obama may change that. You can depend that Iran and SA will never be friends-one is Sunni, one is Shiite. Jordan is a dependable nation for the West. Egypt is like a flag in the wind. Syria and Iraq are up for grabs-the lost causes.

But, Qatar plays both sides, like a CIA superspy. They give Hamas and the Palestinians $400 million to purchase weapons. Much of the money given goes to Hamas. So, while the Palestinian people in Gaza go without many services, Hamas buildings tunnels and buys rockets from Iran. Qatar is an important US ally in the region. They purchase a lot of services and material from the West for their society with the oil revenue. When nobody would arm the Syrian rebels over a year ago, it was Qatar (ka-tar) that sent them real weapons to fight Assad's forces. Now, they support Iraq in their fight with ISIS.

But, when it comes to Israel, they continue to harbor the same rant and hatred that Arabs have always used to justify their jihad against it. Now that they are rich, they are willing to support Hamas and others in their efforts to destroy Israel. This is with the money they get from much of the West. Ironic.

The Saudis are not has dogmatic when it comes to Israel. They may not like them as an entity, but they are not willing to go out of their way to destroy them because what does the future hold? In the past, both countries have coexisted peacefully and have worked together when needed and it was mutually beneficial. In this case, it is Iran and its quest for a nuclear bomb.

But even though the USA knows that Qatar supports Hamas and has complained to them about it, nothing happens. Qatar does what it wants and the US does nothing. If you have ever watched Al Jazeera-America or International, it is all subtly anti-Israeli in its presentation. Why? Because Qatar owns Al Jazeera. Despite the fact that the American version seems fair, it is not. It is much like RT, the English news channel in Russia. The bias is that network’s pro-Hamas slant has been exhibited in its disproportionate emphasis on deaths of Palestinian civilians without almost any critical mention of Hamas’s intentional use of human shields.

This is most ironic because in the Hamas charter, they openly claim they do this. The annual expense support for Hamas from Qatar is nearly $1 billion. They are the only Arab country willing to give them alive. This IS a US problem because the country just purchased $11 billion worth of weapons including Patriot missiles. This happened before the current war.

Unlike other Hamas-Israeli wars, this time, only Qatar and Turkey show support for them. Turkey despises Israel and even though it is a NATO member, it is more like a loose cannon when it comes to non-NATO military events. The only thing the US has done so far to Qatar was to block millions of dollars being wired through an Arab bank in Egypt.


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    • someonewhoknows profile image

      someonewhoknows 3 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      They should all become players in the new t v show "Utopia" . That would bring in ratings for sure.