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CRB - Questionable Criminal Record Checks

Updated on November 9, 2010


In the UK, it is important people have a CRB Check if they work with the Vulnerable. Example, working with Children, (teaching or looking after them in hospital), Working with the Police, Working with the Elderly in Care homes, working as a Postman, the Civil Service etc They get checked by the Criminal Record Bureau. I’m sure it’s probably the same in many other Countries.


However, I am beginning to question the relevance of this Background Check when in the last few weeks, I’ve seen on the news (UK) stories that include:

  • A woman who works in a nursery as a manager, taking indecent photo’s of the kids/toddlers she worked with. She is now in Jail. Vanessa George.
  • Police men who are corrupt and abuse/assault people. One was caught on staff CCTV, dragging a lady to her cell and throwing her in. Mark Andrews who is actually a Police Sergeant. The lady had a terrible head injury and was unconscious for a while. He is facing the Sack. The numbers of these incidents are rising.
  • A Postman who is a paedophile targeting young kids on his delivery rounds. Michael Williams now in Jail.

There are many more stories that are similar - It would be distasteful to read them all. Everyone of the above would have had to have a CRB check for the jobs they are operating in, the questions on my mind are:

What Good did it do? Are these checks thorough?

Just my Thoughts….


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