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Questions with No Answers: Syria

Updated on September 5, 2013

By now, the news is dominated by what to do or not do about Syria. The U.S. Senate seems to be partial about approving of a narrow military strike to show Assad he cannot use chemical weapons. The House of Representatives is totally up for grabs. Even if Congress rejects President Obama's plan to attack, he said he will do it anyway.

The hearings have only showed that its members are stuck with asking the same redundant questions in different words to John Kerry, and like a law professor, he provides an answer that really does not satisfy or clearly answer. But, that is not a tactic, it is a fact. The Secretary of State has no more a clue about how Iran, Russia, Syria, or how any other country will react to an American-French missile strike. Yet, the senators continue to ask the same kinds of questions and Kerry provides the same type of answer. Enough!

As Nike advocated, "Just Do It".

It is a gamble, like rolling the dice, like walking through a minefield, like doing something that involves any risk. Deal with the problems that arise from it but don't continue to be bogged down by what Assad, Iran or Russia, threatens to do or what they think will occur. Their predictions will always be the worse of the worse because they don't want it. Don't continue to be worried about what everyone thinks will happen because the range of possibilities are nearly endless. Screw the "what if", be prepared, but move on because at the end of they day, President Obama is going to do it anyway. In the meantime, Syria is moving their targets around placing them in civilian buildings, mosques, and anywhere. Russia will have their five ships monitoring ours in the Mediterranean.

If the missile strike is as impotent as most seem to think, then, it will be Syria, Iran, Russia who will be blamed for any escalation because they chose to. Iran would love to have Assad dead and have their own in partial control of Syria, they have the most to gain from escalation. Iran wants turmoil there because it benefits their agenda. Russia is more concerned about its own world standing and reputation than Syria, but since the US is on one side, they must be on the other side.

From a biblical Book of Revelations standpoint and Armageddon, what if this IS the flashpoint moment, the spark that triggers Russia, China, Iran opposing the Western NATO nations? It does have to start somehow? This certainly may be it. This may go to the brink of world catastrophe and the Anti-Christ appears to make peace and all nations worship his image. There could be tactical nuclear missiles in use that cause such world panic.

Well, IF this is the incident that is the spark of that event, then, there is nothing anyone can do because it WILL happen as Daniel saw in a vision. Just read the Book of Revelations. If this is NOT the spark, then, like that book states, it is a "rumor of war" that briefly occurs and rattles our cages.


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