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Quitting Politics

Updated on November 1, 2016

Wealth without work,

Pleasure without conscience,

Knowledge without character,

Commerce without morality,

Science without humanity,

Worship without sacrifice,

Politics without principle.

The current political climate is comparable to a superhero comic. Conversations darting back and forth while a new diabolical twist awaits us at the turn of a page. We want to see the good guy prevail, then we suddenly realize there isn't one.

Now that's a twist. How exciting...if this were NOT real life. The entire election has been centered around the exhaustive incompacity to reveal a good guy or unveil the villain.

This translates into a lot of gut-wrenching, gut-instinct votes.

I'll admit I've been really caught up in the dramatic page-turner election.

With humility in tact though, I offer my down-to-the-wire political analysis. Don't worry all parties will be equally offended by the end. If, however you are the sensitive type and find yourself crying in a corner, here's a cute bunny pic (Our Trixie, dressed as Wonder Woman). Otherwise let's have some fun!

Our bunny in costume (Wonder Woman)
Our bunny in costume (Wonder Woman)

One poll reported 40% are having big issues in their friendships and family relationships this year due to discussing politics.

I know I'm not the only one annoyed with all things politics at the moment. Our freedoms include freedom of speech, but adding to the dismal rhetoric is excruciating to about 99% of us. (Latest Headline: "Megyn Kelly Does This and Americans are Outraged". Well thank you media for telling me how to feel.)
I find myself randomly pulling out my already-thinning middle aged hair whenever I come across MORE articles that squander the journalistic platform. That's what disappoints me most.

It's only natural to rally a plea for your side or confirm and justify your vote. If you stand for anything, you're going to have some enemies. The added turmoil is also related to how the media covers events in today's world. Everything is a division between people. If you belong ot this "camp" of people then you're offending another. Enough already!

You can take the high road or low road, it still has a GPS telling you where to go. That's who's voting- people who can no longer remember loved ones' phone numbers or how to use a real map, but they can make a wine rack out of a tampon box and eyelash curler (just the first things to come to mind- I'm a woman, not a sexist).

Although an app or corny facebook game that decides who we should vote for based on 10 completely unrelated questions would be fun!

But people are not going to change they're pre-determined vote at this point despite one more Trump harassment uncovered or another wikileak condemning Hillary. Let's take a break from it all...and this is why I'm searing off politics at the moment. It will only last a moment because I'm inundated with the media coverage and it's impossible to avoid.

I've loaded my phone with game apps to distract myself, but it will likely fail because it's a doozy of an election. A true nail-biter and not even Tetris or Candy Crush can help me now.

We've got two completely different candidates...and a couple of other people...3rd parties. Trump has always made a name for himself and he's been preaching, tweeting, and crticizing his way through his campaign. But if you're disgusted and offended over Trump's words then you're not as diverse as you think. Talk to enough people and you realize many have said worse and done the white house. Quit your judging. Get out more...

If you're up in arms about Hillary's poor political decisions then you don't know politics. There is no such thing as compromise or good decision. Even the best intentions turn sour. And yes, people lie to cover up their faults. Shocker!

In politics somebody's always getting screwed. A portion of the public argues about it like they know what happens because they listen to FOX News or CNN. We're not privy to even half the politics, agendas, and schemes going on...and if politicians had it their way even more would be concealed.

So you're either voting for Hillary because that is the ONLY choice if you have a conscience, right? Or you're a member of the populations' unintelligent who identify as intelligent because yet another media article told you she's the intelligent vote.

You could also be a real Republican who has the moral decency to hurl leftover bile from Trump's campaign (because you're better than that guy). Maybe you'll stick it out with Trump cause you're feisty, fed up and feeling his oomph. You might miss America's core values as well.

And you can vote 3rd party because it will help you sleep better at night to which I reply, you lucky a-hole for being able to sleep! I take allergy medication because I refuse to get addicted to sleep meds plus I think I have allergies.

3rd parties always appear better because they fly under the media radar without getting caught in the ugly two-headed Dem/Repub beast.

Regardless, people claiming their winner from the 2 parties, and take no prisoners toward the finish line. '3rd party Man' is galloping gleefully in a field of wildflowers, garnering enough votes to make his ego settle in for a battle lost, but rich with noble meaning.

If either of the two-party machine was smart, they'd dig up dirt on 3rd parties and sway those straggling voters, deflating their principal-based decision. Because anybody worthy of an ambitious job like the presidency has poo that stinks. Most of us learn through mistakes and you better hope your candidate has made enough of them to lead with unmistakable wisdom, but not enough to land them in jail.

At this point I am cringing with each eleventh hour distraction from the media.
I pay attention to the a between the lines. Thinking outside the ballot box is where I gain the confidence in my vote. The media feasts on the Kardashians for breakfast, lunch, and dinner so it's difficult to take 21st century media seriously.

The media delivers negative-talk because contentment and plenteousness do not make good headlines. They're not looking to solve problems, they're looking to report them now and in the future.

If you find yourself writing or reading anything up to the election it's called confirmation bias (or "myside" bias: The tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one's existing beliefs or theories. And that's the point where we are at.

Regardless of the outcome, I will continue to raise social awareness to the topics I'm passionate about. Politics, at the moment, have me in a comatose stupor that needs to end...the sooner the better so I can accept the results with dignity...I hope.

P.S I apologize if this is written with typos or messy grammatical errors. I pledge here to not give anymore of my time and concentrated efforts to political B.S. This also means I have to ignore stupid people. God help me.

Who will win?

Who Will Win The Presidential Election?

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    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 13 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      izetti.....That bunny is sooooo cute! I raised rabbits for a while. The new babies are the most precious creatures! Also, your new photo is awesome, although you look like an entirely different person! I would not have recognized you w/o your profile name.

      This HUB! Funny, very witty and all too real. I enjoy your sense of humor & writing style. You have a realistic attitude, which of course is always best.

      Just one more week.........UGH! It may be the longest week of the year! The suspense is too much. Paula

    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 13 months ago

      You made me laugh, think and sigh, and I appreciate all that you said.