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Quiz: Could You Be a Libertarian?

Updated on August 15, 2017
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Snarky political savant & general rabble-rouser who solemnly swears she is up to no good! ;)

Quote by Maya Angelou
Quote by Maya Angelou | Source

Ideological Existential Crisis

Much like with a mid-life crisis, most adults at some point, end up going through what I like to think of as an Ideological Existential Crisis. This is when we find ourselves questioning where we fit in with the rest of the world in terms of our political and personal beliefs and value systems.

This is happening even more now, after getting Bush twice, finding that Obama never intended to bring about the changes he promised, and then being forced through many devious tricks and illusions -- to have to vote between tweedledee and tweedledumber, most of the country is fed up with the crappy lot we've been getting from D.C.

It doesn't take a genius to see that one of the main modes through which cronyists and elitists are maintaining their influence and control, is through the main two political parties; something that many American's are starting to sit up and notice.

Though while noticing that the Democratic and Republican parties have been comandered, that consciousness alone doesn't change anything. Knowing about a problem is great, but nothing will improve until you do something about it, which is why many folks -- young and old alike -- are finding themselves exploring other ideologies, looking for the true home where their values belong. A place where they not only feel surrounded by like-minded individuals, but where they feel need and personally inspired to continue rushing forward against the various different forms of tyranny and oppression that is quickly suffocating our country -- until true change manifests.

If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, we'd have peace..."

— John Lenon

A place where they feel like they can trust the party leadership and where it will lead them, and that even in the times when they personally cannot do much mor

This is the Ideological Existential Crisis.

Many people are finding themselves going from a simple curiosity about other political parties, which then slowly snowballs into ideological nihilism that strips them of most of their unnecessary ideological attachments before letting them lose to once again wind their own way back to the more bland reality of things where they then look for and find their ideological homes.

Others go directly from their old party, right into a new party and then another, carrying with them their old and outdated partisan patterns, before reaching the same point where they recognize that there are no plans or ideologies that lead to any sort of utopia or promised lands.

There are other paths that get followed as well, but regardless, once you reach the point of ideological nihilism, most people only see two possible paths forward:

  1. Get and stay out of politics, forever forgoing any more political involvement or attachment, regardless of what happens in the rest of the world without their voice in it.
  2. Get more involved in politics and find an ideological home or at least comfort zone, where they feel like their voice and efforts are needed and have a real chance of making an impact.

Considering recent statistics from the presidential and statewide races of 2016, it feels like a fair guesstimate that too many people are and have been choosing the first option -- political atrophy, over the second option -- political action.

This is a problem in a system based on the will and participation of the majority, as the fewer individual voices that are involved, the more power we give to elitists and cronyists.

If you've found yourself a brave member of the second path, I first wish to commend you. What was once a very obvious choice for most people in our countries youth, now feels like a daunting and overwhelming direction for most people to travel these days.

Making it this far already, is a sign that you're already seeing through the fog and are almost home. You're on your way to achieving meaningful change in your own life as well as the rest of the country, which is no small thing to balk at.

Now, that being said... Seeing through the deception of the fog doesn't necessarily get rid of the fog by itself. No, that in fact, is what ideological groups are supposed to be for -- to hold up a guiding light that helps you navigate yourself out of the political fog whenever it closes in around you. Having an ideological home, helps align your political decisions with your true core values, so that the things you manifest in the world around you, especially in terms of voting and social mores, are in alignment with what you want your world to be like.

To help you on your journey to find your ideological home, I've created a quiz designed to help you discover if Libertarianism happens to be your guiding light. It might not be right for you, but if it is, you're one step closer to finding your way out of the mist and into a clear and conscious space where you can truly make the independent decisions that are right for you.


Could you be a Libertarian?

Here it is! The quiz you've been waiting for! Choose whichever answers you feel are best for you & find out if you might really be a Libertarian!

What is Libertarianism?

I wrote more in depth about Libertarianism in THIS article, though for those of you looking for a simple summarize version, Libertarianism is a political philosophy that bases most of it's principals on the Non-Aggression Principal (N.A.P.), which leads most Libertarians to vote for legislation that protects all individuals natural and constitutional rights, and against any legislation that makes it legal to steal, coerce or force any individual into doing anything they don't want to, especially under the threat of a loss of life or liberty -- the very things the US Constitution and Bill of Rights were created to prevent.

To be even more succinct, Libertarians are pro-choice on pretty much anything that doesn't hurt anyone else or anyone else's property, and anti-anything that does hurt anyone else or their property (including heavy taxation).

War on Millennial's
War on Millennial's | Source

Millenials in particular, are especially prone to ideological existential crisis...

Not just because, as the Fourth Turning (a book I personally recommend for everyone) suggests -- Millennial's are in the Hero Cohort, which naturally has it's own altruistic flavor, but also because previous generational archetypes are positioning themselves to attempt to dehumanize and confuse millennial's; a tactic used throughout the past three generations, to maintain power and keep people afraid. Additionally, more millennial's are finding their way to Libertarianism, than any generation before them.

The Fourth Turning: What the Cycles of History Tell Us About America's Next Rendezvous with Destiny
The Fourth Turning: What the Cycles of History Tell Us About America's Next Rendezvous with Destiny

The Fourth Turning is all about the recognizable generational patterns our species has been going through for centuries. I found that reading it, helped me to gain a little bit more understanding about why we are where we are politically, socially and economically, and where we are likely to head if we don't wake up and become more personally active in the world around us. It also helped to calm some of my own existential crisis when I was going through it, especially the ideological part.


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