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Quotes; Plot your visions path…

Updated on September 17, 2016

for yourself, not your business and never stop enjoying new scenery when you stop trying to make the past make sense that’s when you’re a journeyman. Really bad part of not being your own boss or going to school is the lackluster mundanity or the same after the same. No risk, no reward.

Smile when someone says no to helping you or what you are going after is not going to happen. It is perfectly normal to get upset; prove them wrong.

Embrace your inner child’s imagination. Look out into the horizon. I like the thought of being in a plane that could chase or run away from the sunset.

Pretend your eyesight is a stiletto dagger; confidence sometimes beats acne.

Writing down things is fine, obsession is better, and evolving your mind and envisioning your future is something of Greek Gods.

Stop telling yourself that you will do this when you are confident enough to make those split second decisions.

Pace yourself through your failures. You can put the pen down once and give up once, but if you give it up twice it’s not a complete failure. You learned how to pick it up.

A mirror can do many things. Feel out what you are going to see before you look because it makes it more powerful.

Dance in the dark. Humans are inherently fearful of the dark because of nocturnal animals or getting lost.

Dreams have to outweigh realities tenfold. Delusions are good. Just don’t get too lost from external forces.

Launch ideas with other people so hard that you scare them. When they back off and get scared, be nice and reinforce their worthiness as a human. Be a little patronizing because at that moment they ought to feel so worthless they might make such a life change that they do something crazy, change.

When you think you really have something to offer to every single person, you are wrong. You have simply not seen the face of a truly appreciated person. It is the look of someone who is not going to give up on themselves as easily.

Sell the shit out of your skills; save your love for small moments.

When you stop worrying about going actually hungry and you become hungry as a bear for life, that is what draws people together and makes success happen.

If you are looking for an actual key to success and you’ve made enough keys with doors half open, then you have succeeded. Locksmiths are still important.

Speaking your mind has always drawn people towards me.

Grind your mind with a jackhammer and polish it with silk.

The wealthiest people in the world are very little-known, and the rich C.E.O.s and celebrities are full of themselves. To me, I wouldn’t mind being on the wealthy spectrum

Associate the things you know you love with yourself, America Runs On Dunkins… I am American but I also run off __________

The more and further you travel from your comfort zone the better you’ll be in your zone.

The moment you bring family or friends on your adventure, it is no longer your adventure.

“Don’t sweat the petty, Pet the Sweaty”

Have Emotions of a Toddler, Experience & Wisdom of an Elder & Ambition, Confidence and Focus of Someone Who Just Graduated Post-Grad


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