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Quotes of Master VIII

Updated on November 23, 2013

Exactly where I took this picture is a Sedona, Vortex. I do not go for that stuff, but wow it is amazing for your energy and the wind is like it only goes up. B

I say please and I say mam and if you ain't into that I don't give a damn.
I say please and I say mam and if you ain't into that I don't give a damn. | Source

It was a while back I talked to this old man. He had more hair in his ears and back than his head.

Wisdom don't come cheap. I had to pick an apple tree and weed a garden to get these nuggets or smarts. I hope it is easier for ya'll.

If you have never been embarrassed I am embarrassed for you.

"To see difference and diversity provides for an option; to embrace it in love, or divide it in hate"

It is a choice to hate. And it is a choice (usually) to love.

We who are empowered choose love. Those who are not chose hate.

The end of my life was yesterday.

A Child taught me to be free.

God taught me control.

My eldest daughter is the most attractive woman in the world.

My youngest daughter is the most attractive woman in the world.

My Wife could not possibly be more beautiful for me.

And of course before all that it was my mom. That is really cool we can have more than one “most”.

I have a rosebush with too many roses, it is falling over so we will clip some roses though they look best on the bush.

Even though I clip the rose from the bush it remains beautiful. Even though I am old I can stay as a child.

Should the word Love always be capitalized so we take it seriously?

If wealth is not the measure of a man, what is?

So love grabs a hold of us.

Peace is not tranquility but an acceptance of life as it is.

I am not a good man. But I am OK with that.

Your are a good man and I respect that.

Gold is a -- well something worth something, Am I?

You are not loved but who you are is loved.

I would prefer that we love in private but declare it to our worlds.

One time I loved you and then another time I loved you, they were different, I hope you do not think I was cheating.

One time I saw you from behind and declared the best butt in the world, another time I saw you pregnant with our child and declared the finest butt in the world. I apologize for the first time.

Sometimes I lust after you. Does that make me madd? Or Sad? I think neither for you are my wife.

A yellow flash


Work is good, always good, when you have it.

Do you appreciate that work you do that feeds you?

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I know a man who does not sweat. How funny is that?

Our need to be hugged is undeniable.

If men and women were the same, I would be single.

The best preaching I ever did or heard was not.

Did you know that some folk go to church for the music and food.

Sometimes when I am sad, I am happy to at least be feeling.

Fat is generally bad for you, but it makes some foods taste better. That fact alone refutes the notion of natural selection.

I have a first name and a last name but in some cultures they are backwards.

Have you ever accidentally eaten a whole pie? J

I use a microwave and I love being out in the sun. Some folks say both will kill you. This is true, living too long will also kill you.

Peace, piss, peas and piece all sound the same to an Asian. I really like the “peace” in an Asian Christian church. How can these people smile while they are being pissed upon?

Some things last forever, I do not want to.

Have you ever had a great day, but because of your attitude you missed it?

How come if I am your friend it does not mean automatically you are mine?

My dad once said to me, Eric it is good to be and achieve all that you can, but it is better to achieve what you cannot. Yea well dad at least it ain’t boring.

Some folks have a “mind like a steel trap” everything they learn is in there. I am so happy mine stays open.

From time to time beauty touches us, if we are wise, we will know when.

Happiness is strange, it can be found but regretfully it goes missing.

Absent without leave is an old military term AWOL. In our lives we should practice it routinely.

Did you know that trees get dirty too?, shower them from time to time.

I am not wise but sometimes wisdom comes out of me, oh well, so does stupid.

If I love you and you love me, we can still disagree.

Sometimes I like myself, and sometimes I don't.

Funny about that: It really does not matter what I am doing, it only matter what I am feeling.

Sobriety and drunkenness are very interesting ideas. I do not much like either.

I am not saying I want to die, but I am saying that I think I would be welcome there.

Peace is a high cloud, a lay in the grass, and a good thought looking toward heaven.
Peace is a high cloud, a lay in the grass, and a good thought looking toward heaven. | Source

Do not look for me, I will be under the huge Cottonwood tree with a stick pole for fishing, some skipping stones in my pocket and freckles on my cheeks.

Let me end this up with some preaching. There is a man, who is not a good man, but he tries to be. This man I want as a friend. There is another man, and he is just plain good to the bone in every things he does. This man is boring. There is a woman who is not perfectly beautiful, but tries and carries herself in love. This woman I want as my wife. There is a woman who is more beautiful than I can imagine and knows it. This woman should not enter my house, as it would make it look ugly.

Yesterday I was older than I am today. I wonder if I am also less mature. If so I am glad of it.

I have some friends here on hubpages. It is really cool because they act and talk like they really love me. And the best thing is that they give me no reason to think otherwise. That makes me very happy. I have some folks I argue with here on Hubpages. And we are still good friends. That makes me believe in miracles.

Please be in love: first with yourself and then with the one you are with.

I am not worthy yet I am happy. I gander yonder and think of those who are both.

Where is your happy?

Can you find happiness in waking up in the morning

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I was a preaching and here is some of what children asked?

Do you love me?

Should I love you?

Are we really like God?

Where is heaven? -- Over there. Or maybe right here.

Will my mommy always love me even when I am as ugly as my daddy? Yes. (it would be easy to discuss -but leave it alone)

Does the sun really rise just because of me? Yes. for you.

Will God always love me?

Will I always be the cutest?

When the sun sets do the stars really rise just for me?

And here are questions I ask them:

Do you see a beautiful cloud ever?

Does your heart ever tell you to be happy?

Are you as happy as I am?

Did you ever tell your dad that you love him?

Can we just be friends?

Do you like the smell of your book, I do?


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    • Ericdierker profile imageAUTHOR

      Eric Dierker 

      5 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      It is interesting that some may be gems today and others tomorrow. Thank you much Lurana

    • MrsBrownsParlour profile image

      Lurana Brown 

      5 years ago from Chicagoland, Illinois

      "From time to time beauty touches us, if we are wise, we will know when."...Thank you for these thoughts; they are all gems and some are pearls.


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