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Updated on August 29, 2011


Picture released by the newspaper on 2/05/2008, of David J. Eisenhower and wife Ida Elizabeth Stover Eisenhower on their wedding day.  9/23/1885.
Picture released by the newspaper on 2/05/2008, of David J. Eisenhower and wife Ida Elizabeth Stover Eisenhower on their wedding day. 9/23/1885. | Source

Leroy William Vaughn, who wrote about Black People.

Vaughn claims that several U.S. Presidents had African ancertry, but no factual documentation was disclosed.
Vaughn claims that several U.S. Presidents had African ancertry, but no factual documentation was disclosed. | Source

History of six US Presidents - Who Were Black

President Thomas Jefferson.was the 3rd president. He was attacked by a book written by Thomas Hazard in 1867, the title was "THE JOHNNY CAKE PAPERS." It was claimed that Pres. Jefferson's mother was a half-breed Indian squaw and his father was a Virginia mulatto father. It was mentioned that Thomas Jefferson ate slave food and had humble beginnings. Pres. Jefferson burned all of his mother's papers as if he was trying to hide something, her real identity. President Jefferson served two terms as President. President Jefferson has his biography at Monticello Foundation. He was not without scandal throughout his life, including a lifelong mistress. The Monticello Foundations claims that some opponents published and tried to blacken Pres. Jefferson's history.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower's father had mixed blood from Africa, and his mother was mulatto. All of the history books that I have read stated that his parents were of German, Swiss and English descent. The family came to the US in 1741 and landed in Pennsylvania and then went to Kansas. Pres. Eisenhower's Library has photos of his parents and other important papers.

President Andrew Jackson the the 7th president who served in from 1829 through 1837, he was the son of an Irish woman and a black man. They also stated that his brother was a former slave. They stated that his father was a light skinned slave.

President Lincoln was the 19th President from Illinois who served from 1861 - 1865. He had very dark skin and course hair. It was said that his mother came from an Ethiopian Tribe and he was illegitimate. His father was African. I have seen no such documentation here in the State of Illinois.

President Warren Harding the 29thPresident of the United States, who served from 1921 - 1923. Harding had blacks on both sides of his parents, and he went to an Iberia College founded to educate the slaves. Mrs. Stewart, a 60 year old teacher in suburban Detroit, MI. states she is a 5th cousin of President Warren Harding. Pres. Harding never disputed his black ancestry.

President Calvin Coolidge was the 30th President of the United States in the years 1923 - 1929. His mother was very dark and her last name was "Moor" meaning black or Negro as termed in the United States. The term Moor came from Europe. Therefore they concluded that he was part black.


Lies spread like fire, and you need to know what people are talking and be your own judge if it is an out and out lie. People have always wanted to discredit other famous persons.


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  • Jan Cameron profile image

    Jan Cameron 

    3 years ago

    DNA tests in August 2015 reveal that Warren G. Harding did NOT have black ancestry.

  • profile image

    Nan Mynatt 

    7 years ago

    Sherrylou57 Thanks for your comment. Pres. Jefferson wrote the constution and I guess he didn't want a bad reflection on his family history. It just shows that our founding fathers were far from perfect. They told the country to do one thing and it appears they did another. May they rest in peace. I hope that they all knew that if you asked for forgiveness, your sins would be casted in the sea of forgiveness, never to be remembered. And if they didn't ask for forgiveness they would reap what they sowed. I pray that they all were christians before they passed .

  • sherrylou57 profile image


    7 years ago from Riverside

    How sad that Jefferson, was ashamed of his mother. This is not a perfect world and try to hide your own flesh and blood.


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