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RAF Hit Omar Oil Field Controlled by Islamic State

Updated on December 17, 2015

Typhoon Jet Flies Into Action.


Michael Fallon and RAF Action Against Islamic State.

Michael Fallon British Defence Secretary spoke to Sky News about the RAF hitting the Omar oil field in eastern Syria controlled by Islamic State. The oil field funds the Islamic State's war effort and hitting it will damage or set back the group's ability to sell this valuble commodity or at least thats the thinking at the MOD (Ministry Of Defence) no doubt.

The RAF (Royal Air Force) has been hitting IS round the clock using Typhoon and Tornado jets since David Cameron won the vote to bomb Islamic State in Syria as it has been been doing in Iraq.

The RAF has been operating out of its Cypriot airbase in Akrotiri and going back to Michael Fallon in his Sky News piece he stated that the RAF targetting the Omar oil field was an "Impressive achievement" and that civilian casualties there were none.

In a separate development taking place at the same time as the RAF hitting the Omar oil field an RAF Reaper drone destroyed an Islamic State truck bomb with Hell Fire missiles near Sinja in Iraq which has been a scene of fighting between Islamic State and the Iraqi army. When the vote in Parliament was put before MPs it was described as Parliament voting for war but actually the reality was it was not. Parliament was merely voting for whether the UK should extend its air strikes into Syria to hit Islamic State or not as it continues to do in Iraq and now is doing in Syria thanks to MPs voting for the extension of British air strikes from Iraq into Syria.

The Free Syrian Army (FSA) being hit by the Russians in their defence of Assad which is backed and trained by the West said though that in the greater scheme of things the British air strikes would not upset Islamic State that much.

Emblem Of Free Syrian Army.


Fallon Does Not Set Time Scale on RAF Air Strikes.

When asked by Sky News would there be a time scale on how long RAF jets would be allowed to bomb IS and its assets Michael Fallon would not put a time scale on it and why would he? The bombing on Islamic State whether in Iraq or Syria probably cannot be put down to a time scale and no doubt there are damage checks by the Coalition forces ranged against Islamic State or Daesh as it is known in Arabic to ascertain what damage has been done to the Islamic States ability to sell its oil or operate its war effort. But these actions from the air may have to last a long time so putting a time scale on it is probably right now nigh on impossible.

The question of land forces comes up as in any air campaign whether that be the bombing of Berlin in the second World War or the bombing of Baghdad in Gulf War 1 land forces eventually have to go in and finish the job. Air power on its own in many examples has never destroyed the enemy completely and in the lack of Western or others seemingly not willing to puts boots on the ground where will these boots come from? Well many of the forces including the Free Syrian Army (FSA) have been mentioned who could be used to drive back and hold former Islamic State territory but right now their fight is with Assad. Whether these and others can be persuaded to turn right around and fight IS when the job against Assad is not done is difficult to say. The so called 70 - 75,000 quoted foot soldiers in Syria who will go in and finish off IS has been criticised as some of these groups are Jihadists themselves like the Nusra Front who have Al - Qaeda links so the issue of boots on the ground and whose feet will be in those boots remains to be seen for the foreseeable.

Meanwhile Michael Fallon has been visiting British forces as they take the fight to Islamic State.


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