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Updated on July 30, 2011

For some, the current financial mess is more than a recession, it borders on the Great Depression, and especially hard hit in some areas are African Americans.

In Charlotte, NC, the unemployment for blacks is twice that of whites, in an area that once offered real opportunity to blacks with a 4 year degree.

The Economic Policy Institute reports that unemployment among black people in Charlotte is over 20% if you add in people that have stopped looking for work.

In the Washington district the unemployment rate during the third quarter of this year is expected to reach 18.9 percent for blacks.

The National Urban League reports the current recession has pretty much wiped out all gains blacks have made over the past thirty years. This is devastating because in this current climate the climb back will be overwhelmingly difficult.

Looking at averages from the Pew Research Center is even more disturbing. They report the average net worth for blacks in 2009 was $5700.00 compared to whites with an average of $113,149.00.

Despite pressure from the Congressional Black Caucus, Obama feels African-American job creation programs are not necessary. Really Mr. President?

Falling crime rates seen during the l990’s have stopped falling in the black community as the economic climate worsens. According to Algernon Austin, Economic Policy Institute Director, “Another recession would likely continue these negative trends. The black violent crime rate and the black teenage pregnancy rate both will likely rise.”

It is so heartbreaking to see folks working under a disadvantage in the first place, trusting the President to bring a helpful change and ending up losing their jobs, their homes and their hope. These people have overcome societal disadvantages, struggled hard to get ahead in order to provide homes for their families in decent neighborhoods, and now they are packing up and moving back. The economy has been so devastated by the present administration, recovery may be impossible for some people.

And it is infuriating when you consider the incredible amount of tax money taken from these hard working people and squandered by this congress on bail outs and phony programs that do nothing to help the working people of this country.


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    • feenix profile image


      6 years ago

      Hello, mslizzee,

      Thank you for writing and publishing this important post. It is very informative and provides what I describe as some very deep insights.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Lizzee you should not have any problem getting some. Free stuff I mean.

    • mslizzee profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Buncombe County, NC

      I know Old Pool, I'm thinking I wanna get me some:) Free stuff I mean.

      Little disected frog person, I don't believe anyone anymore about anything. That's my DBAAAA stand.

    • The Frog Prince profile image

      The Frog Prince 

      6 years ago from Arlington, TX

      Great article lizzee. I agree with OP about any of the employment figures coming out of the Department of Labor. They are sugar coating the numbers all the way around.

      The Frog

    • profile image

      Old Poolman 

      6 years ago

      Lizzee - Interestingly, I have been trying to fill two vacant positions for over a month. Most applicants have asked if they can be paid under the table so they don't lose their unemployment benefits. Others bail out when told they must have a clean driving record and be able to pass a drug screening test.

      I am really starting to question the unemployment figures being published. With the ongoing extensions of unemployment benefits and all the entitlements that run parallel, why work? I have been working closely with the local DES office, and they can't come up with anyone either. I have spoken many times to the local veteran rep for unemployed veterans, and no luck here either. We many have crossed the line where entitlements far outweigh the benefits of working.


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