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REDMYLIPS2015 Awareness

Updated on March 31, 2015

The Campaign

I recently came across this campaign after being invited to it on Facebook. I wasn't familiar with it unfortunately but after reading up about how it started and how for the whole for April in order to show support and raise awareness all they ask of you is to wear red lipstick!

"Red My Lips is an international non-profit organization based out of the U.S. We run an annual global awareness campaign where our fierce and fearless supporters rock red lipstick all throughout the month of April (Sexual Assault Awareness Month) to demonstrate solidarity and support for survivors and start important conversations with people in their lives. Red My Lips is designed to raise visibility and awareness about the realities and prevalence of sexual violence, while combating rape myths and victim-blaming. Wearing red lipstick in April allows supporters to speak out against these damaging myths and victim-blaming attitudes. It allows us all to stand in solidarity with survivors and refuse to be invisible...refuse to be silent."

What you can do...

There are many ways you could help, fund raise, donate, and most importantly wear the red lipstick (or if it isn't you but you still want to help, get someone to kiss your check with red lipstick on, or wear a top with it on, the ideas are endless or simply spread the word, join the event on Facebook and share!

Don't forget to tag #redmylips2015

It's not sexist!

Yes, the idea of wearing red lipstick throughout April may be aimed towards women to raise awareness but this simply isn't true!

The red lipstick is merely a symbol, it's striking, it stands out and the word is getting around that the month of April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Both men and women can suffer from such traumatic experiences and it is not because of the clothes they wear, or the way they dance or how provocative someone may say they are acting. Consent should be established either way, regardless of how intoxicated someone may be.

There have been so many campaigns over the years where victims have been left feeling violated and nothing has been resolved. Not only that there have been cases where "victims" have falsely accuse others usually young men to get revenge, without thinking of the consequences an accusation of sorts could damage someone's life completely.

There has also been apps created in aid of this, where the people have to sign the consent form before engaging into activities! Yes I hear some of you say, in the heat of passion who has the time? You should first of all be aware of the risks you are taking if you aren't even taking the time to consider protection, if you are nothing is stopping you in making sure the event about to be undertaken is consented!


Short Film

What it includes...

When raising awareness of sexual assault/abuse it's important to state that it does not cover just rape of a woman! IT covers the humans being violated in a sexual manner, it does not have to be penetrative!

This campaign is about educating those who misunderstand that their actions could be a form of sexual assault. The blame is not the victim, it is the assaulter.

If someone says no, accept that answer! It does not matter whether you are in a relationship with that person, or they are a complete stranger; NO MEANS NO!

Sexual Assault Awareness

Could you be a victim?

If you have experienced an incident, where you did not consent to any sexual activity and perhaps afraid to admit it, speak up! There are many agencies, support groups, doctors worldwide that could help you come to terms with it all, even speak to trusted family and friends. A traumatic experience can scar you for life, but with the right help you could go on to help others understand what is right and what is wrong!

Red My Lips, shows a global community willing to show their support; tolerance and ignorance won't solve matters!

Become a Warrior whether it be for yourself, a friend, family member or simply because you can tell the difference between right and wrong!


Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Shouldn't be only remembered in April, this issue should be raised each and single day. Future generations should learn the differences.

Learn to ask themselves, if what they are doing is right? How would the experience affect not only the people involved but also their friends and family?

Sexual assault is devastating, for everyone. Most complications are due to miscommunication! If in doubt, don't get involved!

For more information check online, or speak to your local authority about your concerns and lets help make a stop and change lives for the better!

© 2015 MFPrincess


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