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Updated on May 7, 2012

....and talking of leading from behind.

Marco Rubio senses that he is being used by the Republicans merely to get him to direct the Latino vote to the party to ease the desperation that it (party) is undergoing; that their candidate, Mitt Romney, will not be a match for President Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential election.

The truth is that he, Romney, has not been addressing the audiences sufficiently for them to gain some amount of assurance that he has the leadership quality they associate with him. That he is supposed to energize the people attending his rallies. As a result, the size of the crowd is becoming very small for a person, who claims to have a panacea for America's strained economy; and so he has to have a human "prop", as movie directors will call it, for moral support, when he will have someone like Rubio to appear on the stage with him.

The crowd has been poorly, because he is not even aware that he is unable to arouse his listeners; and that goes to demonstrate that he is out of touch with the American public. That his message to transform the country into a political Shangri-la does not seem to be catching fire or resonate.

There is very little enthusiasm wherever he goes, and if it is not for his background as a wealthy person, people will not like to meet him. In fact, not many Americans have met or even seen a millionaire before, and so the chance to see one is to attend a Republican gathering, where he is scheduled to speak.

Yet, he will be as monotonous, but the repetitive vision of America that he is likely to bring about is not new. It is as if his advisers are not doing their research before they allow him to verbalize the same statements, and fully changing his ideas.

He just switches them (ideas) around, and so, if one is not careful, one will think that it is not a similar, but the same speech that Romney has been giving on the campaign trail.

Nobody has got anything against Romney; but to be honest, anyone hearing him today will hear an identical structure of sentences anywhere he speaks the next day.

One other thing is that he lacks confidence in himself, and the picking of a running mate has become a personal struggle. He will consult with a governor or a Senator and there is no doubt in his mind that he is going to need someone more charismatic than he is, but he finds it hard to publicly show that he is incapable of choosing that person himself. There is every indication that it is something that he needs help with.

Perhaps, what he forgets is that he is running for the presidency of the United States; he will want to be the leader of the Western world, and if so, he has to start establishing himself as strong leader in everything he says and does.

As it is, he will wait a day or so before he says anything about an event, like the Secret Service incident or the Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng.

In each case every comment he made was belated; and not just that, but the seriousness in expressing his outrage was far fetched. Moreover, he should not tinker with every issue and made it into a scandal, or if it was a scandal, he did not have to make it to became worse. If there was ever someone, who could hide his emotions.......

The impression that he wants his handlers to say something or put out a statement before he reacts to a situation clearly shows that he may have had a lot of experience in the private sector, he is not really getting prepared to lead the U.S. in a world of political conflicts and differences, where the initiative must be seized before anyone will have a chance to react positively or otherwise. Talking of leading from behind.

Many Americans will not be surprised that a large portion of the Republican Party membership is having regrets that Romney is going to be their candidate. They are not sure when he will be able to connect with the American people; and that they are not certain whether he will be able to bring home the trophy, come November, 2012.

The Democratic Party is going to showcase Obama in such a way that he will overshadow Romney, whenever the opportunity becomes available for him to do so.

Right at this very moment, he has the crowds wherever he goes; his opponent does not. That must be troublesome.

Looking from afar, that must be troubling many ardent Republican Party supporters.


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    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 5 years ago from America

      ..........Hey if your right your right! Romney is not nearly as conservative as we needed! But this may allow him to pick up the independent vote that Obama needs! It will be very interesting indeed!