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Updated on June 14, 2011

More to come or what?

Here we go again! For so long as the Republican Party's deliberations to find a nominee for the next presidential election continue, there will be plenty to talk about; and more so, about those who have already announced their bid for the presidency; and of course, as well as those who will jump into the nomination process, sooner or later.

The field of potential candidates continues to expand as the days go by. Putting it another way, it is still expanding, day in and day out, and nobody knows when and where that expansion will peter out.

However, let us refrain from discouraging anyone who thinks he or she is qualified to run for the presidency of the United States, for each to do his or her utmost best to present himself or herself as being worthy of the confidence all Americans, by their votes, will place in him or her. The whole group of competitors have been given the opportunity to examine each other's ability, to enable them to find the one person who can really lead the country to economic success and political stability.

They have the chance to convince voters that the Constitution of the United States is more precious than any one party's ideals, and to protect it without any reservation. That National security and the protection of the country's borders are priorities that must never be overlooked; and providing safer environment for all citizens to live in peace is essential.

Those are the fundamental criteria of a great nation; and that he or she will be worthy of their upkeep and sacred trust. The democratic system of government demands that any processing for leadership must entail those qualities.

Voters must be offered many options, as far as candidates go, so that they can make well informed decisions to exercise their inalienable rights to select the right person, from any side of the aisle, a Republican or a Democrat, to govern the country; and to make it more productive and prosperous.

Therefore, the more the merrier; and so, all the news about each person will be more than welcome by voters. In other words, they are to "let it all out", to allow the media and other research entities to do their work; and no secrecy about any one must be permitted.

Newt Gingrich has had his top campaign officials deserting him, but he still maintains that his run is not in any serious trouble; Mitt Romney has refused to take part in the Iowa straw poll, and he is not in a position to defend his Massachusetts Health Plan; Ron Paul is on New Hampshire's WMUR program "Conversation with the Candidate", saying, "We shouldn't be frightened about freedom, it works."

He is also in New York for a fundraiser or two; Herman Cain is telling the whole world that he can create jobs quicker than Obama, and saying among other things, "With all due respect, he has no idea of how to create jobs,". Also, Cain has had GOP's Chris Barron supporting him, although, he (Cain) does not subscribe to his (Barron's) cause of same sex marriage.

Rick Santorum is hitting hard on Planned Parenthood Federation of America, (which I agree with), in a hot, sizzling interview on NBC's "Meet the Press"; and Tim Pawlenty, is fumbling repeatedly with answers put to him on Fox News Sunday. As governor, he has accepted part of the Obama administration stimulus package, which he is so critical of, to help some programs in Minnesota. If that is not hypocrisy, what is?; people have been asking.

In New Hampshire, the debate was sterile, and so there was no "odd man" out. It was so civil, as no candidate would actually attack the other's point of view. They would not challenge each other's convictions; and so it became more sanctimonious than a true tit for tat battle. The audience was not expecting blood to be spilled in the forum, but it deserved more action words than it got. Only at one point Pawlenty attempted to engage Romney, but he refused to pick up the gauntlet. Bachmann was very strong in the debate. Otherwise, anything vitriolic was vented on Obama by the group.

However, on, and on the stories must go, from one candidate to another; as the political paradigm shift of the Republican Party plays out.

Also, Sarah Palin is perhaps still on the road touring states on the East coast, but she seems to have been written off as presidential material; yet, the Gallop poll shows support "for Palin, and her grouping rises whilst Romney declines".

There is the suggestion that Palin/Huckabee ticket is in the works. That can be a possibility. Remember, she has not even announced if she intends to participate in the running for president or not, while Huckabee has baled out of the running itself; but they can come together to form a viable team.

Looking at the rest of the field, Gov. Rick Perry, Rudy Giuliani, and Michele Bachmann, whom many people like to vote for, because she is smart, nifty, beautiful and ladylike; are all waiting in the wings. They and others, whose names are not so familiar, such as Jon Huntsman, Chris Christie, ...are marking time.

With so much trepidation on the part of the public that the present number of candidates is enough, there will be more behind them, to make their plea to be nominated on the Republican Party side. At the same time, it (public) is "not holding its breath on it".

Nevertheless, the democratic process tends to be an "open house" for any number of people to get involved for a fair and more accurate election to take place; and therefore so it must be, for the sake of the nation's peace of mind. After all as they say, "variety is the spice of life".

By the way, if Obama can get the economy going in the right direction again, he will be hard to beat. Many people can visualize him being capable of pulling the U.S. from the brink of an economic disaster. They think he is ready to make that happen, and as the general election approaches, he will be able to achieve that goal. He is getting ready; he is getting prepared.

"Yes, we can", Mr. President.


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