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Updated on October 19, 2011

Who will be the one.

It was clear at last night's Republican Party debate that it had a plethora of people qualified to be the nominee of the party to face off with President Barack Obama in the next presidential election.

There was no doubt about that, as all the candidates came out well prepared, to answer any type of question voters had; from the economy, health care, Occupy, all thruough to nuclear waste storage systems.

The questions came fast and furious from mediator Anderson Cooper and the audience, as well as those asked by people using the social networks.

Gov. Mitt Romney and Gov. Rick Perry were standing next to each other, and they traded punches as never before, on health care and immigration. With Perry proding him to admit that his Massachussetts health care plan was a disaster; while Romney countered that with Perry being weak on immigration and border control.

"What; you had illegal immigrants working for you," Perry said in response. "No: I didn't,", Romney replied. That was a tense moment for the audience and viewers on television.

Rep. Michele Bachmann took Iran to task and lambasted it for being a terrorist country, with no respect for the United States, for hatching a plot to kill a diplomat on U.S. soil. She was really indignant of such an act by Iran, and insisted that punitive measures should directed against that regime; by whom? President Barack Obama, of course.

His 999 tax plan was, at some point, the mainstay of the debate, as it was being pooh poohed; but businessman Herman Cain stood his ground to defend it, even though his rivals almost unanimously maintained that it would not be fair in its implementation.

Rep. Ron Paul wanted the United States to bring back home all its military pesonnel engaged in wars abroad. The present foreign policy was one of unnecessary interference in other countries' affairs by the U.S.; and that the troops should be used to protect mainland America instead. That was true liberty; he had said.

Candidate Rick Santorum defended the family, a strategy, which has become his trade mark on the campaign trail; and promised that he would do all he could to protect it, if he should be president.

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich was as eloquent as usual, corraborating on the measures needed to get the economy on track, and to put people back to work; and also "getting rid of Obama,", of course.

All the candidates qualified for their party's nomination, and the choice by the Republicans of Obama's challenger would be an arduous undertaking.

Voters could only wait to see, which of the candidates could come up on top; as all of them were equally prepared to meet future challenges the nation would face, if they were given the opportunity to become the President of the U.S. However, only one person could be chosen for that position at any given time.


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