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Updated on October 6, 2012

... and what did that say about their party?

The September jobs report by the Department of Labor was good; private sector jobs of 114,000 created in that month seemed to reduce the harrowing unemployment figure that has hovered over 8% for so long, and it has now dropped to 7.8%.

However, the problem with it was that the Republican Party has become skeptical of the unemployment rate going down on the eve of the 2012 presidential election, and it favored President Barack Obama and his campaign, which was given a blow in the October 3rd. debate between himself and former Gov. Mitt Romney, the Republican Party candidate, held in Denver, CO.

The question then arose as to when did good news for the country as a whole become sour grapes for some people, and not just any people, but the establishment of a major political party?

Obama has been taunted by his opponent, Mitt Romney, for several months, from the Republican primaries to the present, and saying that the president has been doing "a lousy job on job creation," when "23 million Americans were out of work," and that seemed to have resonated mainly with his supporters.

Yet, was a criticism better than a report that put the unemployment rate below 8%? Certainly not.

Also, the "23 million out of work Americans" jargon that Romney was harping on was not the case. The actual figure as posted by the DOL was 12 million; and though, that was still unacceptable; but the lower the unemployment number, the better for the country's economy and work force.

It also encouraged those looking to find work, even if they have to relocate to other parts of a state or to another state, where jobs were available; as many states have surplus job openings, but fewer people to apply for them.

The September rate of 7.8% has sparked a fierce argument, that the department "has cooked the books" to help Obama; which was a wrong assumption, because a charge of that nature tarnished the reputation of a government department, particularly, if it (charge) was unfounded.

People were losing confidence in the so called "system"; meaning politics, as well as government, be it federal, state or local, and so, to make such an unsubstantiated statement about something as important as the unemployment count receding, was un-American, to say the least.

Republicans should learn to appreciate constructive criticism, even if things were not going their way, than for them to attack a department like the DOL, which has to deal with the problem of finding work for those millions of Americans; and smearing it (DOL) would not be helpful under any circumstance.


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