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Updated on August 6, 2016


There is another youtube video where former president Bill CLINTON is talking to former late night talkshow host Larry King on his show "Larry King Live" that ended in 2010.

Clinton said the words "It gives me a" in reference to his International Charity - C.G.I. "Clinton Global Inititive".In reverse he says " I am satan" .Then when asked if he is having any Influence in world affairs and Obamas election bid to become president he says "I kbow we are having an effect because "all the polls say we will win it." In reverse he says "I'm afraid they can make our voice" This seems to be a reference to reverse speech revealing what a person may be thinking while they are speaking words in forward mode which reflects their thoughts in reverse through their Involuntary Inflection of their forward speech.This reverse speech isn't always easy to detect at normal speeds.Many times it can be understood very well at much slower speeds and sometimes not at all.Likely because the words the person is speaking are not easily manipulated to form recognizable reverse speech or their forward speech is so poor that it is difficult to understand them in forward mode and much less in reverse because of poor grammer etc.

In this video Bill Clinton says the words "They have no Idea" in reference to his actions as president of the united states.

In this particular video a woman is quite vocal about her beliefs concerning reverse speech.She doesn't agree with the founder of the reverse speech movement David Oates explanations concerning reverse speech.In fact she goes as far as to say that she thinks we all make up anything that can be heard as speech because - as she puts it "we are all hard wired to do so"

I will agree with her that many spoken words can sound like other words if they are not clearly spoken.I have heard some reverse speech that was difficult to make out difinitively precisely for that reason.Poorly spoken words or spoken so fast as to be misunderstood.Although sometimes even slowing down the speech doesn't help much.

At one point she says the words "They can pickup words in our conversations at some point that we can't define"

I recorded her saying that and played it backwards and she is clearly saying the words "Girl is naked" In forward speech she says - "They can learn"

mix up the letters in David Oates and it reads

" I'd saved to a"

"Sad at Video"

"Sad to save Id "

"I've sad toads"

"I saved toads"

"Said ave To Ed"

"Ed vs AA Do It"

"So Aid Vet Ad"

In this next video a man talks about his experiance with reverse speech and myths about them.


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    • Jason R. Manning profile image

      Jason R. Manning 6 years ago from Sacramento, California

      It doesn't look like you are getting a whole lotta love on this one. To be honest I was curious and with my limited intellect, I see no more in this afterward. Are you sure you do not have a micro implant behind the left lobe? Keep stretching our mind, someone other than the evil media has to…Cheers.

    • serwya profile image

      serwya 6 years ago from Little Rock

      People hear what they want to hear. Forward or backward, what a crock