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Updated on November 15, 2012

It was about time the Senators left her alone.

President Barack Obama going to the aid of Ambassador Susan Rice at his news conference yesterday was the right thing to do, as Rice, the United States representative at the United Nations was carrying out a message given to her by the White House.

She did not have anything to do with the message itself; and as the president himself explained, the information she delivered was based on what the intelligence officials had at the time.

To be totally frank about it, it was a time of confusion, as the terror attack on the Benghazi consulate was happening simultaneously as the demonstrations about an anti-Muslim film or movie.

In other words, there was no other explanation of the attack, except to say that it was part of those demonstrations going on in the Muslim world of a film that made a mockery of Mohammad, which has sparked a near riot in Cairo, Egypt, at the U.S. Embassy there, and continued to spread around the globe.

Sen. John McCain and Sen. Lindsey Graham have become obsessed with Ms. Rice doing a job as best as she could with what was obvious at the time that to separate the two incidents, on the spur of the moment, was almost impossible. It was something the two senators could not do themselves, but to play "quarterback position" after the fact.

Sen. McCain was taking the opportunity to make disparaging remarks about the president's leadership, by calling it "failed", as well as damaging Ms. Rice's reputation on national TV, and also to vow that he would block her appointment to replace Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, if she (Rice) was offered that post.

What incessant obsession on a diplomat doing exactly what she was supposed to do, by a senator, who after all was calling the four people that died in the Benghazi attack "victims". He was forgetting that the diplomats, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, had died in the line of duty for their country and that they were heroes.

Obama has paid homage to them in his address to the U.N. General Assembly on September 25th., 2012, projecting them to the forefront, not only of American history, but to the world history at large.

Only McCain and friends could portray them as victims for reasons best known to themselves. They have tried to politicize the issue right before the 2012 presidential election to discredit Obama, but that did not work, and now, they were picking on a young diplomat performing her duty as told to do, and trying to destroy her career.

Of course, Sen. McCain and his Republican friends have the responsibility to hold the Obama administration accountable for the Benghazi attack that was terrorist in nature; and the president told them that he was personally prepared to discuss the case with them, in his "go after me" statement at the news conference.

However, they would not be able to arrive at any definite conclusion until the investigations going on in regard to the Benghazi attack were over and all the facts were out as who was at fault.

President Obama has made it clear that the killers would be pursued and brought to justice; and that was the focus of the intelligence community, to apprehend those responsible for the Benghazi attack.

That should also be what Sen. McCain and Sen. Lindsey Graham should be concentrating on, rather than making Ambassador Chris Stevens and the other three diplomats, who lost their lives, victims.

As for Ms. Susan Rice, she has had enough of the two Senators.


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