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RIGHT NOW Sun City Democratic Newsletter June 2016

Updated on May 26, 2016

May 21, 2016 President Obama Video


June Meeting Topics & Persuasion

Join us at the June meeting and discuss your hot button topics as well as see a short primer on When and How to Persuade based on time proven marketing techniques. You need to be armed with information and know when to use the information. Have you developed your 30 second elevator talk on various topics pertinent to the election and the Democratic Party? Now is your chance to create hone them.

The meeting is always on the first Thursday of the month at 6:00 p.m. at Fairway Recreation Center.

Each meeting begins with a half hour of social time followed by a topical presentation. We have snacks and drinks and you are always invited to bring your own byob.

See you on Thursday, June 2nd at 6:00 p.m. at Fairway Recreation Center (99th Avenue and Dell Webb) in Sun city Arizona.

Elevator Speech: Hot Topics Straight from the Democratic Platform

Here is a list of many of the topics from the Democratic Platform. This list is not inclusive but is a good place to begin framing your 30-second elevator speech on why you are a Democratic Party Member.

Remember, you will need to read up on these issues to back them with some facts and figures on how we are endeavoring to do this and just what the Republicans have done to thwart these things. The Internet has some great facts and figures. Try the Democratic Party or your favorite spokesperson on the issue websites.

ECONOMIC ISSUES~progressive tax system, minimum wages, social security, universal health care, public education, public housing, infrastructure development

FISCAL POLICY~progressive tax structure, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and various other welfare programs

MINIMUM WAGE~fair minimum wage

HEALTH CARE~National Healthcare, Universal healthcare, Medicare for All

EDUCATION~Improving public education

ENVIRONMENT~Protect the environment


TRADE AGREEMENTS~support fair and free trade agreements

SOCIAL ISSUES~Social equality, voting rights, LGBT rights

EQUAL OPPORTUNITY~Equal opportunity for all AMericans

VOTING RIGHTS~Everyone has the right to vote

ABORTION AND REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS~A woman's decision to make by protecting Roe v. Wade,access to health care for woman and baby

IMMIGRATION~Comprehensive immigration reform, pathway to citizenship

LGBT RIGHTS~No one should be discriminated against based on their gender, sexual orientation, and gender identity

So, your task is to come up with a 30-second speech on who we are and what we believe. Can you do it? Work on one and practice it in a friendly environment at the SCDC meeting. We ALL know why we are Democrats and this is a method to convince others (the persuade-ables, that is) why they too should be Democrats.

The Hypocrisy of the Republicans

Who is not tired of the various positions of hypocrisy taken by the Republicans? Everything from shaming First Lady Obama from going sleeveless while Mrs. Melanie Trump goes thong/bottomless, to sending our soldiers of to war and refusing to fund their healthcare when they get home is included in this frustration. Being for big biz over We the People?

Take a moment ad write in the comments your worst example of the hypocrisy. Feel free to put a link i to an article or a picture. I can add most pictures and videos to this newsletter for everyone to see.

Like this one borrowed from Winning Democrats website:

"Republicans have berated Michelle Obama for years, calling her a “tranny,” suggesting that she is vulgar, beast-like, and shaming her body in various ways. Recently they’ve attacked her for wearing a sleeveless dress, claiming that it’s somehow inappropriate – as if they’re the police of what is and is not “appropriate” for the wife of the leader of the free world to wear." Now look at what they ARE approving!


Love it!  Don't you!!
Love it! Don't you!!


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