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RIOTING: The Do And Don'ts, Then And Now (the big difference)

Updated on October 11, 2011
The ever so intelligent youth of Vancouver
The ever so intelligent youth of Vancouver | Source

It seems within the past few years there are a lot of civil unrest. In developed countries and in developing countries. Keep in mind this article is primarily my own opinions on the events but I do think they are fairly firmly rooted in common sense.

Overall I do believe there are times when as a populace people must stand up for what is right. This includes protesting and maybe even using force if necessary. However this should always be a last resort and only used if it absolutely must be.


With protesting and riots spreading like wildfire throughout Northern Africa and the Middle East I feel the need to apply a little logic to the situation. I don't think that it is enough to protest or riot against a leader just because you don't live in a democracy if your leader is treating you properly and has made more of your country than anyone else in history has done before(aka bringing paved roads, indoor plumbing, electricity, bringing in jobs, etc). If you have a good situation and much better standard of living than a lot of neighboring countries do I would say leave it alone.

But if you live in a very oppressive regime one that completely controls you and can take away your basic human rights or your life at a whim I support your uprising. If not democracy you certainly deserve to live your life without oppression. Even governments should have to answer for how they treat their people.

If a government can snipe a university student walking down the street and then blame it on outside governments just because you are to cowardly to admit to it than I support the people rising up, wearing green and demanding a recount on a rigged election.

That being said there are a great many ridiculous reasons people have chosen to riot and I do not support it in any way.

Random fighting (I'm sure even they don't know why)
Random fighting (I'm sure even they don't know why) | Source


LONDON, UK - Recently there was mass rioting in London much of the initial reasons were given as economic problems and people blaming the government for not creating jobs. Most of the western economies are based on trillions of borrowed currency and still there are no jobs the government is so far in debt that they can't really borrow more and so they are working all the time to try and create jobs. If it was simple it would be done already. Being a vandal, thief, or arsonist doesn't encourage the government to magically create more jobs it only makes you a criminal.

You are destroying and stealing from the businesses of hardworking people that are trying to get the economy back on track. Decent people don't do that to one another simply becuse they've fallen on hard times. I've also heard the argument that some people were stealing food to feed their families, and possibly this was true occasionally. But then you see a profile picture on facebook of some 20 year old online smiling holding a dozen designer handbags and surrounded by a pile of stolen merchandise and you realize the truth. It doesn't take a genius to realize as well that someone simply concerned with feeding their family isn't out attacking police and setting businesses on fire.

Bottom line smarten up London!

What's the matter not enough guts to show your face
What's the matter not enough guts to show your face | Source
Three Jerks Looking Cool After Destroying Their Home City
Three Jerks Looking Cool After Destroying Their Home City | Source

VANCOUVER, CANADA - Not long ago there was a hockey game in Vancouver. Immediately after Vancouver lost the crowd emptied out onto the street and began a sickening campaign of mayhem. Youth smashed shop windows, looted, set cars on fire, turned cars over even many were police cars. They attacked people trying to protect their shops. All because they lost a hockey game.

As a Canadian I felt literally ill and completely ashamed by this disgraceful scene. So we lost the game, big deal, get over it. It is not worth destroying the city over. We live in a country with some of the best living conditions on the planet. We have no reason at all to be rioting, looting and destroying our country. If you can have pride in your country that makes you feel lose because you didn't win a hockey game why can't you have enough pride to respect for it's buildings, shop owners, etc.

Another great end to a hockey game
Another great end to a hockey game | Source


To sum all this up all I can really say is this: throughout history there have been military regimes that killed people by the thousands and even millions. This is something to fight against, something that needed to change and those that fought for freedom were right in doing so. But for the western world that sort of thing is long behind us. We need to stop the senseless violence and destruction. Have some respect for your country and yourselves. Really think about what you have and don't take it for granted.


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    • terrektwo profile image

      Candle Hour 6 years ago from North America

      thank you for that. I'm glad someone's reading :)

    • OutsideTheLines profile image

      OutsideTheLines 6 years ago from Tulsa, OK

      Someone desperately needed to address this and you did a great job. Some people just don't know how to pick their battles. I had never thought of it the way you put it when you said that they are stealing from the people trying to make the economy thrive. I guess I don't examine things like this on a personal level often and always assume the stores were closed. Keep up the good work!