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Updated on June 23, 2012

Is there a distinct difference between Romney and Obama?

Why are the Republicans still thinking about their pick of former Gov. Mitt Romney? There are several reasons, but the main one is that he is a "lightweight", when it comes to politics.

All his speeches demonstrate that, compared with President Barack Obama, his, Romney's, theme never changes, though he will be speaking about a different topic. His sentences are almost always the same, with a few word change here and there.

Comparing him with former speaker Newt Gingrich, for example, that is not how a real conservative speaks. A Conservative, with a capital "C", does so with conviction, and conjures up his or her own life's experience to mingle with what is important to his party, the Republican Party.

In Romney's case, he seems to be using straight forward statements to address every issue without dialoguing and interacting with his audiences. It is like attending a Wolf Scout meeting and the Scout Master reeling out a set of rules for his subjects to follow. He forgets that the kids have learned those rules before they are accepted in a "pack"; and so they never learn anything new.

It may be that he thinks he is still in the boardroom discussing equity investment projects with his fellow executives; and so he will adopt the same format and just insert the names of different clients and the figures that are involved in a contract. Yet, dealing with politics is another thing all together.

In other words, he is engaged in "one plan fits all" politics, and he has no way to dazzle the crowds, but with what they already are conversant with; such as starting each sentence with the same words like, "this president..." or "President Obama's administration," and if that is not boring then nothing else is.

There is a piece written at the CNN website by a person, whom many people have nothing in common with, but he is making a clear point that needs to be referred to here as well. (CNN, 6/23/12).

He says among other things that, " won't be Fast and Furious that determines if President Obama will be re-elected; it will be his performance in the first presidential debate." and that pinpoints the fact that Obama will be ready with the kind of material to win any debate.

He (Obama) has always been able to do so with no sweat at all; as proven in the 2008 Democratic Party primaries with Hillary Clinton and others. He is not trying to produce facts only, but he has the knack to engage his audiences in what he is talking about.

Obama is a lawyer, and therefore he can articulate a subject matter in several divers ways to make sure that the people that he is talking to understand him perfectly well. He does not indulge in mincing of words, and he can stress an argument without being repetitive.

That makes him a heavyweight and a big contrast to Romney. He, Romney, will try and use rhetorical statements to make him look like any present day politician, which will be a far cry from making him sound as a genuine conservative, and that will be very disconcerting to his own party members; while Obama will bring out the salient points that mattered most to the middle class of American society, and to draw the attention of even the most unconcerned person in an auditorium or hall.

His (Obama's) approaches are meticulous, while his opponent's are flawed with constant repetitiveness, when it comes to putting a point across.

Romney will be found out whether he can be president from the way he will handle himself in the debates, especially in the first one; and if there is going to be more to follow, he must throw out what many people think is his staid nature, but does give the impression that he is out of touch with everybody else around him.

They (people) have noticed that he has an attitude of staying "polished"; and that does reflect badly on him, because they are saying, "he is not one of us,"

Obama can also be staid, but he can switch to being "one of the boys" whenever he wants. Romney somehow lacks that expertise.

Still, many Republicans are thinking twice. However, have they made a mistake in choosing Romney? Only time will tell.


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