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Updated on July 24, 2012

Shouldn't he let go?

It would be right to think out the controversy about President Barack Obama's statement of ".... you didn't build it", and made a judgement of what the president was actually talking about and what he meant.

He certainly was not talking about business versus government per se, and saying that business owners did not build their businesses; and so, it would be naive on any one's part to insist that he was referring to individual efforts of ordinary people to create businesses.

He would have been attacking the free-market system on which the country's economy was based; and there was no evidence that was what he was doing.

If only his opponent, Mitt Romney, would take time to examine the statement carefully, he would understand what Obama was talking about.

Though, he (Obama) had government at the back of his mind; however, what he meant was that any person starting a business would use the infrastructure and other systems that have been in place, such as the Internet, to give that person the initiative and assistance, to enable him or her to build the said business.

He definitely did not say that the government had physically built the businesses for business owners.

As he pointed out, people would need all kinds of help, when they should decide to have a business, and eventually others in divers ways, and government, played an important part for that business to develop and become successful.

In other words, no one could build a business single-handedly; and it made ample sense for the president to remind business owners to look back and appreciate all that they had used to reach where they were and what they had become.

He was not even admonishing them in any way whatsoever; but that if they have been able to achieve what they started out to do, they should remember "a teacher," who had encouraged them somewhere along the way ... and the infrastructure that they "did not build", but have used to get them to that point of success.

In fact, any successful business person would attest to that notion; and for the opposition to make such a big fuss over the president's remarks was nothing less than a waste of talent and time of brilliant minds in the Romney camp that could be put to better use. Everybody knew that his advisers were great thinkers, but they were yet to prove that.

In an article titled, "Romney reprises Obama 'build that' criticism", the presumptive Republican presidential nominee emphasized on what Obama has said about business before 10 small business owners, saying,

"I guess in the last six months he's done 109 fundraisers. He found time for that. I'd suggest between the fundraisers, get together with the jobs council and learn from people who are working hard to create jobs," Romney said in Costa Mesa." (CNN, 7/24/12).

... while he himself was scheduled to address a lucrative fund-raising event in California that same day. Yet the actual truth the country should know was that Obama did not lambaste business owners for their successes; he was just asking them to figure out, if they could have done what they did all alone.

Americans loved their presidential candidates, and therefore it was incumbent on them to feed them (Americans) with relevant facts, so that when they went to the election polls, they would know that they were voting for someone they could trust and believe in.

The best thing for Romney to do should be to drop his attack on the "you didn't build that" remark by Obama, and told the electorate what he (Romney) planned for the future of the United States, if he should be elected. Just by cutting taxes alone would not suffice.


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    • profile image

      owurakwasip 5 years ago

      American Romance,

      How about the running water in your house; were you drinking it? Well, someone provided it.

      You might have used the roads and tunnels, etc., that President Barack Obama was talking about; now, how did all THAT (as a whole) come about?

      Would you have been able to build your business without THAT?

      I still don't understand your statement, "The military came up with a form of the Internet but PRIVATE citizens turned it into the Internet!" You are engaged in an instance of tautology here.

      Bill Gates did not start the Internet; he used it to build a software business called Microsoft.

      Henry Ford, the Wright brothers, etc., they all had some sort of help from the people around them, whether they realized that or not.

      You said so yourself, "Even the first people we hired got a paycheck when we did without!"

      Could you have done what you did and be successful without "the first people" you hired?

      What the president was expressing was pure common sense; and if you didn't understand it, then may God have mercy on you.

      Many people were born selfish, and they would point to themselves as achieving something all by themselves, and deliberately forgetting about those, who might have helped them along the way.

      One such person is Mitt Romney.

      He hides his money in off-shore banks and does not pay taxes to help keep the roads, tunnels and bridges in America in good condition; though, he uses them (or THAT) every single day to ply his notorious business named Bain Capital.

      Do you call such a person a patriot? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 5 years ago from America

      Read my my latest hub, read the millionaire next door book, Thousands upon thousands built their businesses single handedly, We had ideas, we acted on those ideas, we sacrificed and we worked 90 hour work weeks with ZERO outside help. Even the first people we hired got a paycheck when we did without! I resent this statement by the president and hope Romeny beats it to death! I believe up to that point Obama was probably going to win the election, I will always believe that one single statement cost him the election. The military came up with a form of the internet but PRIVATE citizens turned it into the internet! Roads and bridges would never have been funded without those like Henry Ford and others who created business! The Wright brothers tested their first airplane on sand created and furnished by God!..........nlot government

    • profile image

      owurakwasip 5 years ago

      Hi SidKemp,

      Thanks for your comment.

    • SidKemp profile image

      Sid Kemp 5 years ago from Boca Raton, Florida (near Miami and Palm Beach)

      Thanks. This is the first clear, well-thought out article I've seen on this issue on HubPages. A business that truly started on its own might be hacking open coconuts with a rock or drying fish on a desert island. Anything using electricity, reading, writing, any kind of education, is built as part of a social infrastructure called "civilization," which, unfortunately, seems to be heading into decay at the moment. Voted up and interesting.