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Updated on May 26, 2012

That will be the day.

Romney - Trump ticket for the Republican Party to face Obama in the 2012 presidential election brings the country very close to having the business sector getting the opportunity of running a campaign against the middle class and working people. Or that is what it will look like; the wealthy versus the "the rest of us".

In that, the two would have the backing of the wealthy and the well-to-do; and one could guess what was left, but the hard working individuals going from home in the morning and coming back in the evening or late at night in order to support their families would be on the other side of the spectrum.

They were caught in a rut that has routinely coupled them to their meager wages and salaries until age 62 for retirement, while those attending board meetings and earning burgeoning dividends from their portfolios would have every right to run roughshod over them. Why? Because, they would be in power. (One must decipher for oneself what "they" stood for, respectively, in this context).

If nobody saw class warfare coming, that would be it; that two multi-millionaires would tie up together as president and vice-president and administrate the government of the United States; and if that should happen, where would the mass of the people go to have their grievances redressed?

That was not to say that the Democratic Party would be a cropper, because there were some members with huge fortunes like Romney and Trump too, but they were not as ambitious to join or to bandy up tightly for their own good than for the sake of their countrymen.

The culture of greed in the corporate world, where the two have spent most of their lives dictated that type of association, and that "birds of the same feather flock together"; but many true Democrats would shun that kind of male bonding due to their political beliefs.

The idea of the two men coming together was frightening, as such a situation would not just be politically foreboding as it would allow all administrative policies to be hatched on Wall Street before they reached the White House for rubber stamping.

The U.S. Congress would be there to deal with some critical issues, both internal and external as usual, but the government would be run as a company or a corporation, with no goals that would be beneficial to ordinary people, but strictly for financial profit and gain.

The economy; oh yes, the economy, would be grand, and jobs would be plentiful, with the unemployment rate at 6% or less; but they (jobs) would be second class "genre", as the outsourcing of the high paid or lucrative ones to China, India and other such places would be the order of the day; all in the name of reducing the National debt and the deficit, which were dragging on the heels of the economy.

The scenario might look good on the surface, but the benefits accrued from a state of that sort would be lopsided, with those in the "loop" gaining all the advantages the "good life" would bring, and leaving the crumbs for middle class and ordinary folks to fight over.

Fiscal measures for an austere budget (like the Ryan one) would be made to inflict huge cuts on Social Security, Medicare and other programs for the poor, which would wither the "safety net" they had before the pair took over; and with that would come difficulties for those at the bottom of the social ladder.

The visibility of that would bring about the blight of the 1970s and 80s, where, for example, stretches of city blocks in the Bronx were empty and devastated, which took another president to visit that section of New York City and called it disgraceful.

There were ghettos in almost every city in the country, and a great majority of people were hard pressed for social services they needed for themselves and their families. The wealthy would continue to be better off, while the disadvantaged suffered.

America has been through that before; and that would be where Romney and Trump would take it; though and perhaps not inadvertently, but they would be concentrating on what was important to themselves, more than what were the needs of a great number of Americans.

Such a team would be very much attractive, with greed and opulence opening up on the horizon for many people; but what they should remember should go along with the saying that "all that glitters is not gold".

The opposite of the wealthy lording over the middle class and working people would be a Democratic team ready to fight all social inequity and to bring peace to the nation; with Iraq gone, and Afghanistan to follow suit.


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    • asheleyfriend profile image

      asheleyfriend 5 years ago from Killeen, Tx

      I completely agree with your earlier statement. The outcome of those two coming together to run the country would mean that this nation would be run as a Company and there would most likely be a war between classes. But that might need to be a necessary evil just to get this country up and running like it should be. And maybe, just maybe, people could get back to work and there would be less strain on the state's and federal governments.