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Updated on September 3, 2012

... but could that be a ruse?

The role that the media was playing soon after the Republican Party Convention in Tampa, Fla., boggled the mind, in that they were somehow forgetting all about the questions that Mitt Romney should have responded to and made public, like releasing more of his tax returns, in light of the charge that he has not paid any income tax for ten years.

Before that, there was the report that he misrepresented himself to the SEC (the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission), which in every way was a felon; and he seemed to have had a pass on that, with respect to when he left his post as the CEO at Bain Capital; whether it was in 1999 or long after that year.

The jury was still out on many of the allegations that have been leveled against Mitt Romney; however, all of a sudden the media were having an about face on his profile and talking about the disillusionment of Obama's delegates going to the Democratic Party Convention in Charlotte, NC.

All day yesterday, Sunday, the political pundits and campaign strategists commenting on the events of the past week were bent on lavishing praises on the speeches given by Condoleezza Rice and others, and to a certain extent, hailing Romney and Ryan, the Republican Party ticket for the 2012 presidential election, as some kind of victors, gained from their performances at the Convention.

The economy came second, with the question, "were you better off now than you were four years ago?". All the correspondents asking that same question in their reports sounded so alike, and they looked similarly stupid in their delivery.

There was, however, the fact that times were changing so rapidly, and the demographics of people could not be measured, generally or individually, unless there was a visible or a dramatic transformation in their lives; and to pose that question, as Ronald Reagan did in the 80s, was rather silly.

So were those pundits forming the panels that showed up on TV screens across the country each Sunday, pushing the same question, and who were more than ready to be critical of Obama, with accusations of high unemployment still festering around 8.3%, a slow economic recovery, rising gas prices and the National debt reaching the $16 trillion dollar mark, among others, than giving the facts about Romney and Ryan claim of creating millions of jobs "at a drop of a hat". That was not feasible.

The aftermath of Hurricane Isaac causing flooding in states like Mississippi and Louisiana was barely mentioned; and even there too, Romney's visit to the storm hit areas had excessive coverage than was necessary.

Yet, the reason for the crummy economy was not far fetched; with the Middle East becoming unstable and required the United States military presence there to keep the sea lanes open, in the event of Iran's threat to close the Strait of Hormuz, the BP oil spill in the Gulf, Japan's nuclear melt down and eventual Tsunami, the Arab spring, the European financial crisis; all would have their combined and unwelcome impact on the U.S. financially; and not to mention "Isaac" itself that had nearly disrupted the Republican Convention.

The Convention came away with nothing new, except the promises that were already reverberating on the campaign trail, with the two candidates talking about 4 million private sector jobs to be created in their first term and no more tax increases on workers or anyone.

If only the media would get some answers for many of the questions hanging over Romney's head, and not just sticking it out to Obama and the Democratic Party, and claiming that the trade unions were not as supportive of the party lately as in previous years, they would strike a balance of how the news came out, to prove that they (media) were not being partisan, one way or the other.

They would then recall some of Obama's achievements; such as his ending of the Iraq war, bringing Usama bin Laden to an abrupt and sudden end, and freeing millions of Libyans from the iron fist rule of a ruthless dictator, Muammar Gadhafi, in North Africa

Besides, the American people were demanding fairness and equilibrium in programs and comments relating to the 2012 presidential election to help them as voters, in making the decisions on how and for whom they should cast their vote.

It was a pivotal contest, and the outcome of it would determine the future of the country and the direction it should go; either to accept the status quo, which would limit opportunities to many Americans, or a new horizon opening up and offering everyone an equal chance to prosper in society.

Romney and Ryan purporting to make Americans better off four years from now could be a ruse. A Shangri la; and so the media should be very careful in flaunting the duo and their act.


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