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Updated on January 14, 2012

Should Americans have the right to evaluate his candidacy?

An article in is attempting to downplay the Bain involvement in the loss of jobs at a South Carolina picture frame manufacturing plant.

The writer wanted people to forget about the fact that it was Romney, the Republican Party front runner in the party's nomination race, who caused that business to close, for poor management.

However, it was the same Romney, who was taunting President Barack Obama for driving the American economy to the ground; and that he was the one that would be better in putting it (economy) back on track, and creating jobs, while he was at it.

Nevertheless, his friends were hiding some of his past from the American public; and that the fact was that he had lots of skeletons sitting in his closet, such as Bain Capital making a company by the name of Holston, a picture frame company, to sink, after outsourcing the jobs there to the Far East, particularly, to China. WHAT?

The venture capital company, Bain, that was headed by Romney dismantled the business, Holston, in South Carolina for a profit, leaving American citizens stranded and out of work.

"Bain invested about $10 million in Holston and made almost $23 million profit over six years, according to a financial document obtained by the Associated Press." according to the article. (, 01/14/12).

There was another company that suffered the same fate under Romney; the steel mill, "about 200 miles southeast of Gafney. About 750 steelworkers lost their jobs there when the company, GS Industries went bankrupt in 2001 following a buyout led by Bain." the article continued.

Yet, the Republicans have allowed Romney to portray himself as the savior of the American economy; and would not the public be permitted to say that it was dishonest?

Voters had the right to know whom they were voting for, and whether he or she deserved their confidence; and that was what an article like that was preventing the American people from seeing and knowing about the Republican candidate.

Romney might be the nominee to challenge Obama in the 2012 presidential election; and if so, shouldn't people know about him, especially where he has failed?

His own "friend and ally", Rick Perry, who was also a candidate in the Republican race has dubbed him a "vulture" capitalist, because of his (Romney's) nefarious activities in the business sector.

With all that said, shouldn't the public be wary and even skeptical of him?

Obama's economic plans were making good strides, and the high unemployment rate was going down; and those were what the American people were expecting. If the trend continued, his reelection for a second term would be assured, come November, 2012.

After all, the American people have the right to know the person they would be voting for, now, before it was too late.


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