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Updated on March 19, 2012

He might have lost a big opportunity.

Mitt Romney, the Republican Party front runner in the party's nomination race, had the unqualified opportunity to declare himself as an alternative to President Barack Obama, should he win that race.

He was appearing on Fox News Sunday, the most popular of all the Sunday shows with political flare, and he completely failed to do what many people saw was lacking in his campaign, and that was to tell viewers who he really was and what he stood for, politically, socially and, of course, economically.

The format of the program was a simple one, with questions and answers going back and forth between the two people on the television studio set, and that was how it went.

However, the loss of the chance for Romney to explore his conservative principles of less government and individual freedom, not just with party members, but independent voters, without whom no candidate could ever win an election; and also of cultural issues, such as abortion or same sex marriage; but he just sat there and waited for the host, Bret Baier, to ask the questions and for him to answer them.

He remained the introvert that he was, as many people were saying that, if he was to make a real good impression of himself and be able to connect with his listeners, he should come out and told them how they should assess him personally.

Most people knew about his business connections and his achievements in the corporate world, but they did not know him as one who could understand their needs and show compassion for them, particularly, when it came to the poor and the needy.

It was nice to show on one's tax return for making large contributions to charity, but one has to allow one's emotions to interact with other persons, if one was aspiring for the office of the presidency of the United States.

To be critical of one's running mates in one's political party's nomination race; and more so, to criticize the policies of the current government was not enough.

He could have changed the format or the nature of the program and made it to be conversational, and be able to express his ideas and how he would achieve his goals.

He would be answering the questions, like he did on gasoline prices and "No child left behind" law; but how about the middle and working classes of America? How would you improve their lot, as they have built the country over the years and made it to become great.

It was not just Wall Street and big business that was America. The mass of the people who were not ardent capital investors should be given some kind of consideration, to bring some balance in society.

How about their families, and the families of the poor, who have mainly joined the military forces to fight terrorists and to keep America safe from its enemies? How about American society, with its myriads of ethnic groups, to be able to really come together to form one nation? How about the relationship between the races, and finding a way to improve it?

He answered his questions alright; and we all knew that he was rich and was proud of it, but he failed to look Americans straight in the eye and told them the reason why he was running for the highest office in the land.

What was he going to attempt to accomplish, should he ever get to be president.

Obama would not be easy to beat, in spite of the vast amount of Romney's own fortune being poured into his campaign, and the millions of dollars coming into play via the PACs (Political Action Committees) to back him to win his party's nomination.

In other words, he would never get anywhere with the American people, if they did not know who he was; let alone vote for him.


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