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Updated on September 20, 2012

... and how did people observe it?

The "flip-flop" nature of Mitt Romney, the Republican Party nominee for the 2012 presidential election, has surfaced once again.

The semi-headline on ABC Internet front page says it thus, "Romney Vows to Be President for 'the 100 Perceent'"; and it is the quickest turn around on the campaign trail for the candidate to correct his 47% statements on a tape that he condemns the people, who will not take "personal responsibility" for themselves.

The rely on public assistance for a living to the extent that they are "victims" to the entitlement system for health care, food and shelter. They will vote for President Barack Obama, "no matter what", as they consider him to be more sympathetic with their plight of dependency on government programs than he (Romney).

He has commented on the tape that his "job is not to worry about those people," and all of sudden he was counting them as part of the people that he wanted to be president for.

Again, suddenly, Romney has embarked on rectifying his stance on every issue, from health care, for which the president and other Democrats were calling him "the grandfather" of the new "Affordable Care Act," that he has vowed to repeal, but has recently done some "cherry picking" on it, through immigration, of which self-deportation has been part of his policy, during the Republican nomination debates.

His wife, Ann, weighing in on the tape remarks has mentioned that her husband has been quoted out of context, and that the tape has been doctored to omit parts that were favorable to Romney.

Other leading Republicans were backing him and saying that he was "telling it like it is" and any deviation now from the statements recorded on the tape would be a mistake. In fact, any reversal of them (statements) would be deemed dishonest. they said.

So, he was stuck in defending himself, and doing more damage to his campaign, which was faltering in almost all the battleground states, including Michigan, from whence he was legally born.

Republican loyalists were adamant in supporting Romney; however, independent voters have somewhat concluded he was not reliable, as he would say different things, depending on the listeners he was addressing, as millionaires donors would have one version of a speech from another that was for a Latino audience, his support among them (independents) was waning, from 51% to 48% in recent weeks, according to the polls.

The confusion now going on in Romney's camp could not be exaggerated, as one senior adviser would confirm one comment on an issue to be true and another would tend to fend off criticism on the same subject.

The Mother Jones secret tape has made that worse, and that campaign operatives would double down on Romney's statements as being factual, but the fact remained "that the Republican candidate was writing off nearly half the country or was disdainful of them." (CNN, 9/20/12).

Mitt Romney was now changing from minute to minute, and if that was not embarrassing for a candidate, who professed to be stable and focused, then nothing would be so obvious.

His latest statement was that he was committed to all Americans; "Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney declared Wednesday that his campaign supports "the 100 percent in America." ", and that has compelled a whole number of people to ask the question, "47% or 100%; which is which?".

Obama's popularity has been on the upswing, not just because he was a likable person than Romney, but that he has been straight forward with the public; as on taxes, for example, he would want "the wealthy to pay their fair share," and he has not deviated from that.

Romney was saying that he would not increase taxes on the middle class, but when it came to millionaires and billionaires, with respect to the tax issue, he was as mum as a poodle in a couch.

What his campaign needed now was for its "yes to be yes", and its "nay to be nay"; and that was what the country was waiting to hear from Romney, and nothing else.

His wringing it (country) through his up and down (or flip-flopping) statements would not be appreciated; like not caring about those, who did not earn enough to pay taxes, plus those relying on government programs for their upkeep, and formed 47% of the population, on one hand, or now 100% of all Americans, whom he cared for, on the other.

Which is which, Romney?


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    • ib radmasters profile image

      ib radmasters 5 years ago from Southern California

      It is not like they were promises that Obama made and didn't keep. Flip before getting elected president, then flop after becoming president.