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Updated on January 24, 2012

An easy one? Only time will tell.

Mitt Romney must be making a final decision to be tough with Newt Gingrich, in the Republican Party nomination race in search of a person to derail President Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential election.

He came out being as peevish and waspish as Gingrich was in the recent South Carolina debate that made him (Romney) looked like he was conceding to his rival, even before the battle for the Republican nod moved to Florida.

He, Romney, called to attention of Gingrich being a failure as a politician; and of broken leaderships, bringing up a question that was vital under the present circumstances, that which of the two men could be the leader of the Free World?

"The speaker was given the opportunity to be the leader of our party in 1994, and at the end of four years, he had to resign in disgrace," Romney said. (Reuters, 01/24/12).

Besides that, the United States was in dire straights, when it came to its economy; and who would be able to get it out of that quagmire?

Gingrich was shrewd, and he has forced Romney to release his tax returns on demand, which Romney has done.

"Romney had under pressure (by Gingrich, as said) released two years' tax returns that "...showed he will pay $6.2 million in taxes on a total of $42.5 million in income for 2010 and 2011." (Reuters, 01/24/12).

Though, the figures seemed to be accurate, the tax burden for Romney on both years, of 2010 and 2011, was below the 15% rate that he had mentioned in the SC debate.

Gingrich has also disclosed a contract remuneration to the Gingrich Group by Freddie Mac, the high profile government establishment that he was associated with, of $300,000 dollars in 2006.

Romney accused him of being a lobbyist, because he has represented many health care companies as a professional; with all those outbursts homing in on each person's honesty, when it came to revealing how their incomes were earned to the public.

The animations on both sides seemed to be paying off, with that of Gingrich winning him the SC debate, and Romney, by his demonstration yesterday in Tampa, making him look more serious about a win in the Florida primary.

One of the two will be facing off with Obama, and the preference of the Republican Party leadership has allegedly been Romney over Gingrich, but if he failed to prove that he had the determination to lead his party to success, then he would be counted out; and that would mainly depend on the Florida primary result.

Several debates have been scheduled for all four Republican candidates, Gingrich, Romney, Santorum and Paul; however, the one to test Romney's ability to clinch the party's nomination would be the one on Thursday, highlighting him to be the the person to be the nominee, if he should win.

There would be a proverbial "light at the end of the tunnel" for him (Romney) and his campaign; or his hopes would be fading on his journey to the White House. Florida should be his next hurdle.

As for me, my choice is....(please, don't ask me again). My mind is made up.


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