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Updated on November 6, 2012

Could they be fulfilled?

Mitt Romney's case is like a doctor meeting a patient with a serious disease, and promising that he can cure that person with medications only; however, how stupid that may sound, it is what he is telling the American people.

In the above analogy, the patient will need food and water to stay alive, besides the help that he or she will require from nurses, who will administer the medications and provide the necessary care, and even the family members, who will visit him or her, respectively?

All of those necessities will help the patient to get better, and in due course recover from his or her illness: but they (necessities) seem to be missing from the support system that the doctor is recommending, if he is recommending any at all, beside the medications.

He, Romney, is saying that he has a panacea to take care of the country's economic malady, with the creation of 12 million private sector jobs in his first term; and that may sound very pleasant, but what about those things that he has no first hand experience of, like National security, Defense, Foreign policy and International relations?

He has been a governor before; and so, providing such things as Social services, infrastructure maintenance and education, would be included in his resume or repertoire, and all of which would be classified as important; but without the expertise of the top priority and organized, governmental departments, as mentioned above, he would fall short as a competent administrator for this or any other country.

His trip last Summer to Europe and the Middle East, which was supposed to be a courtesy visit has been a fiasco, with the British media making him to realize that he lacked experience in diplomacy; and all the other countries there were not as friendly to him as they should be, except perhaps, Poland and Israel.

So his inexperience was quite extensive, and that placed him below President Barack Obama, who has several foreign policy notches under his belt, such as ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and having good relations with United States allies, as demonstrated, for example, in the erstwhile Libyan war to oust a despot in North Africa, Muammar Gadhafi, with other members of NATO.

Also, he, Obama, caught up with the mastermind of the horrendous attacks on mainland U.S., that killed almost 3000 American citizens; namely, the notorious al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

As president and Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces, he ordered the Navy Seals, an arm of the military, to raid his (bin Laden's) hideout on a compound in Pakistan and ended his life, as a recompense for those attacks in New York City and Washington, D.C.; commonly known as "the 9/11 attacks", (with almost 3000 casualties, as mentioned above).

President Obama was running for a second term as president, and that was when the Republican Party nominated Mitt Romney to challenge him for that prestigious position; meaning, to wrestle the highest office in the land, the U.S. presidency, from him.

If anyone told you that Obama has messed up the country's economy, he would be lying to you. He inherited the messy state of the economy from the previous Republican administration, and he has managed to bring it from the brink of total disaster, and it (economy) was presently in recovery.

However, the challenger, Mitt Romney, was making outlandish promises, as said before, that he was capable of creating 12 million private sector jobs and that he would "put the economy back on the right track" faster and reduce the high rate of unemployment. Yet, how he would do so was anybody's guess. In other words, there was no specific plan to support his claim; and even if there was one, he was keeping it secret until after the election; but, why?

To many Americans, "a bird in hand is worth two in the bush"; and so, they would reelect Barack Obama as president of the U.S. once again, to enable him to finish cleaning up the economic mess he found in the White House, when he was inaugurated in 2009.

The reason being that what Mitt Romney was offering were, like the analogous doctor mentioned in the first paragraph (of this essay), medications without the accessories that would make his patient well.

The winner of the November 6th., 2012 presidential election, should therefore, and without any doubt, be President Barack Obama, because he was more qualified to hold that office.

Also, he has started something good for the U.S., a society that believed in the equality of all men and women, and he must be allowed to bring it to fruition.


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