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Updated on September 19, 2012

... and how could he be so insensitive?

It takes Mitt Romney to talk about people, who do not pay taxes; and presently, there is nothing he can say to relieve himself from the comments about the the people that, in his opinion, live tax free and depend on the government for health care (medical insurance coverage), for food (food stamps) and even (shelter or) housing.

Featured in a video that was made several months ago, but which has just come to light, Romney would deride a whole section of society and said that element of people would vote for President Barack Obama, "no matter what," because they regraded themselves as "victims" of government hand out.

CNN's Christine Romans fact-checks Mitt Romney's comments about the 47% of Americans who don't pay federal income taxes, and says Romney's figure is false or not factual.

There are a few others that are weighing in on the issue on CNN page on the Internet as well, like one Rudy, who says, "If you pass the Ryan Plan, which eliminates all capital gains taxes, then Mitt Romney will become one of the 47% that he disdains so much." (CNN, 9/18/12).

"Ryan" here is Rep. Paul Ryan, who is running on the Republican Party ticket in the 2012 presidential election this coming Fall with Romney; and needless to say that Romney's statements have created a firestorm, which have put the two men in hot water, and their campaign is in jeopardy.

Why? Because they (statements) were insensitive, and would only show that he has no respect for poor people or those in need in society. Yet, most of those people that he would like to condemn as "free loaders" happened to be voters, and they would be hard pressed to support Romney's candidacy for president.

He has nobody to blame, but himself, to go on a tirade, dissing his fellow Americans at no other place than fundraiser, private meetings for his donor base that has more millionaires and billionaires for their (fundraisers') audiences. He would showcase poor people as the scum of the earth for not paying taxes.

Yet, the irony of it all was that he, himself, has recently been accused of not paying federal tax for ten years, and he has so far failed to produce proof that he has done so.

Now, he is using his chameleonic nature, which the media have termed as "flip-flop", to change his tone, and to say that the statements caught on tape are "off the cuff" and "not elegantly stated," after privately insinuating that his "job is not to worry about those people." in reference to the poor.

Those people? After saying all those nasty things about them, he would top that off and conclude that he expected them to vote for his opponent, Obama; implying that they have grown exceptionally and ridiculously stupid from the life of "freebies" they led; and they could hardly see their way clear to do anything better for themselves.

He has not only infuriated independent voters, but even some of his own party members for holding such damaging impression of other people; and if that was not dividing or setting one group of people against another, then nothing else fell under the category of class warfare or abject societal divisiveness.

More so, the "prosperity" that he was clamoring for in his campaign speeches would not happen for all the people; and that his government would ignore those that would not take "personal responsibility" to make life worth living. His economic strategies, to create high paying jobs would exclude those, who did not have the skills and competitive motivation for social mobility.

A society for only the fittest; and those unable to survive would have nobody to blame, as the government would not be there with what he has often described as "the safety net", to support, subsidize and sustain them.

However, the question many people were asking was, "What kind of society was that?". Would disparity and despair rule the day in Mitt Romney's world? Government would be redundant, except to let loose the free market for those lucky individuals, like himself, to take advantage of financial situations and to make as much money as they saw fit for themselves and their families.

Romney's remarks from the tape, and those that he made yesterday, would hound those he meant them for; and how they would react to them would be anybody's guess. Naturally, they would be worried, and so would he, but to the least extent. That went to indicate that he (Romney) couldn't care less about what happened to his fellow human beings.

The backlash of his statements has been astonishing by the media's reaction, lambasting him and questioning his lack of sensibility for the poor and the needy; but he has remained adamant with what he had said, and confirming them on national TV, to rebuff his critics.

His campaign for the U.S. presidency could be ruined; but he has made his own bed, and he should learn to lie in it.


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