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Updated on October 28, 2009

get it into the open.

The idea that the White House is attacking personalities and FOX News is not true; it is the other way around; and as each day goes by, the opponents of any health care plan that will include "Public Option" attempt to crowd Americans with bad news about it. The bad news being cooked up by members of the Republican Party, the Chamber of Commerce and the Insurance companies, using a media outlet to inflict damage on any type of reform that will curtail the hold the insurance companies have on the health care industry.

First, it is reported that the profit margin of insurance companies happens to be less than that of other industries, making it 2.2% in 2008; yet, the report fails to mention the salaries of top officials in that industry in its (report's) tabulations, which go to drastically reduce profits. 

Just this morning, it is a Sen. Tom Coburn, who has written a column on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's plan, and making sure that the confusion of the American public continues.

The senator has written, "Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's failed attempt last week to round up enough votes to pass a $247 billion plan to shield doctors from steep Medicare cuts shows the administration needs to get serious about the deficit -- and lay off its critics."

Just take a look at the mixture in that statement alone. It has the "Cost, Medicare cuts, Deficit, Critics" all jumbled into one; and it clearly shows that Sen. Tom Coburn's column is designed, not only to generate confusion into the minds of its readers, but also to inject distilled information into the debate on health care reform.

To many people, what the Obama admintration staff is saying is that, they know where the opposition is coming from (as mentioned elsewhere in this article), and that its (opposition's) campaign to sink "public option" is being trumpeted by FOX News. If so, then the administration has every right to point out these organizations and individuals who are behind the attempts to sabotage something that will go a long way to benefit a whole lot of people.

Most of us are "old codgers", and so, if Medicare is affected by Senator Reid's plan, pull that part and bring it into the open and straighten it out; if abortion is not wanted in the plan, do the same with it; and so on and so on. For a thorough debate to take place, and Congress men and women getting rid of their own prejudices, as for example, that competition will stifle the insurance industry, there will be no real health care reform; and certainly, not when the Chamber of Commerce and the insurance companies are pumping so much money into Washington (D.C.), by way of the lobbyists, to influence votes in Congress.

Whoever these people are, Rush who and who and who and who; get them all out of Obama's hair. FOX News, be a real news gathering organization and stop being a mouth piece of the Republican Party ( you have been).

That is what the White House is saying. 

P.S. This blog is not a mouth piece of, or for anybody, group or organization; particularly, not for the WH.


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    • Randy Godwin profile image

      Randy Godwin 8 years ago from Southern Georgia

      So true! I am constantly amazed at the number of people who have faith in Fox News, even otherwise intelligent folks. Good Hub!