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Updated on August 18, 2012

....he would not have been chosen.

Everybody now should know why Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential candidate for the 2012 election, has to choose Paul Ryan as his running mate and potential vice-president.

If you have ever heard of "the do nothing Congress", Ryan has been part of that ensemble for the past three and half years, opposing President Barack Obama on every issue, from health care, through the budget to the deficit reduction and debt ceiling talks.

He has been a staunch member of the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives John Boehner's inner circle or group, after the 2010 mid-term elections that swept the Republican Party to power in the House; and so he would be more of a reliable character than any of the people that were on Romney's short list of names to pick from.

That went to show that a vice-president should be a person the president could trust; a confidant, who could keep a secret, as hard and as long as possible right to the very end.

Paul Ryan, Chairman of the House Budget Committee, was a fit for the position that Romney wanted to fill, not because the other candidates that he was considering were of a mediocre type; but they lacked the quality and experience of young Ryan, who would face any kind of issue head on.

He has his youth, healthy, charismatic and agile, but he was not a "Teflon don" by any means; and he has been consistent in his approach to legislation after legislation, except for one or two that he knew would benefit his constituents, like voting for Obama's stimulus package for the bailout of the banking and auto industries.

On the campaign trail, he looked a bit shy and slightly unprepared for his new media exposure; however, the Democrats would be making a big mistake by underestimating him in any way, for he was savvy, clever as fox and ruthless, when it came to dealing with the things he believed in.

Those watching him on the floor of the House have always noticed a guy, who was sharp in his presentation, and displaying an enormous amount of ambition in every delivery speech that he was assigned to make in the House.

In his now famous or notorious budget proposal, depending on who was looking at it, he had a scalpel ready to carve out, not only a smooth plan, but a niche for himself as someone with leadership assets and credentials every step of the way.

Romney had seen a great deal of potential in Ryan, out of the many well versed political aspirants that he was to choose from, including Gov. Pawlenty and Gov. Christie, who themselves were power-houses that the country could utilize, if it should come to that.

The RNC has also agreed to Ryan's elevation, otherwise he would not be occupying his present perch; and for the Obama camp to take him for granted would not be right for the whole Democratic Party.

In other words, Ryan must have a great deal of political and pragmatic potentials present in him, or he would not be where he now found himself.


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