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Updated on August 30, 2012

Was his speech a crowd pleaser or what?

Paul Ryan accepted the nomination of the Republican Party for vice-president last night with a speech that was as peevish and waspish more than any that has so far been heard at the party's convention in Tampa, Fl., except perhaps that of Mitt Romney that was about to come.

His speech was designed to solve all the country's problems at one single go, and in one solitary night before a delegation of fellow conservatives, who have been brainwashed from the day President Barack Obama was inaugurated as president of the United States.

So, it was not surprising that they cheered and roared at every criticism that he heaved on Obama, because that was exactly what they went to Florida to listen to, and they were hearing a young man whose sole aim was to bring a government they mutually hated down.

He did so without any mention of the U.S. Congress, which has been a hornet of obstructionists to Obama's policies, and of his own part as chairman of the House Budget Committee, to vilify every proposal coming out of the White House.

All that he was looking to do was tho give the impression that he and Romney, the official Republican candidate to face Obama for the presidency, were a team of law making experience from him, and the business acumen from his mate; and that made up the combination of expertise that the country needed, and with that they could solve every crisis that they would come across.

So, they should get Obama out of the way and "let's get it done," as he would put it. Yet, he forgot to realize that the American people were not going to settle for two guys without any inkling of foreign affairs and diplomacy; and that it was not just domestic issues that they would grapple with, but also International controversies, some of which were even more serious than they themselves would ever expect.

The voters would not want to thrust the country into the hands of two inexperienced politicians, who have been pushed by billionaires and millionaires, with huge political contributions to their campaigns and super-PACs, without which they would be complete failures.

The U.S. would want to be led by a strong and resolute leader, as Obama has shown himself, in many aspects both at home and abroad, to be. He has been a level headed executive in the Oval Office, who has calculated every matter very carefully before he made a decision. He always took action at the appropriate time.

He has brought the war in Iraq to an end, and freed millions of people in Libya in a war with no American casualty. His policies to prevent Iran and North Korea from acquiring nuclear weapons, as well as the economic sanctions on the former, have been effective. It (Iran) was now teetering in an economic daze.

He has helped in negotiations to contain the European financial crisis, which would have affected the U.S. economy and made it worse. At home, his measures to get the unemployment numbers to recede were making substantial progress.

It looked like the business world was in a conspiracy to hold back the creation of private sector jobs, but he was managing to find a way around that situation, and so, there has not been a complete minus of private sector job numbers created for more than 18 months.

Therefore, for Ryan to come out and say that he and Romney had some magic potion or an "elixir of life" solutions to whatever problems the nation had would be preposterous.

Touting Romney's credentials as a Wall Street executive would not do the country any good, as he was not the CEO or the kind of governor that anyone could be proud of. His "Romneycare" health plan in Massachusetts has been a disaster; and his Bain Capital equity company has left many communities desolate, with plant closings and asset acquisitions for profits.

Ryan himself has plans that would decimate Social Security and Medicare, with budget cuts that would not help seniors in meeting the high cost of prescription drugs, but would go into tax breaks for the wealthy, the billionaires and millionaires, who were paying their way, Romney and Ryan, to the White House.

There was a whole lot that should be taken with a grain of salt in Ryan's acceptance speech, just as Romney's would be no different tonight.


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