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Rachel Alintoff's Testimony at NJ Senate Judiciary Committee Meeting on Judge Paul X. Escandon's Tenure

Updated on May 31, 2016

Rachel Alintoff's Testimony Before NJ Senate Judiciary Committee
Against Tenure of Judge Paul Escandon of Monmouth County 5/23/16

Chairman Scutari, committee members and concerned citizens, thank you all for allowing me to speak for myself and others at this important committee meeting regarding the potential tenure of Judge Paul Escandon.

Let me be crystal clear from the start of my testimony: in my opinion and experience as a past litigant, victim and survivor in Judge Paul Escandon's courtroom, he certainly should NOT be given tenure, nor should he serve as a judge or attorney of any kind EVER again.

In my opinion, he lost the privilege of serving as judge many years ago for what I believe was his clearly bias, fraudulent, and inappropriate behavior and decisions as a family court judge in Monmouth County New Jersey.

You see, my nightmare story, involves the direct corrupt actions, behavior and decisions of Judge Paul Escandon, who clearly violated my due process and Constitutional Rights.

My nightmare story has also been chronicled in both the national and local press for more than 4 years, after I left my abusive husband in NJ and returned to NYC.

In fact, I am the main reason why Judge Paul Escandon is no longer a family court judge in Monmouth County. After I spoke out locally and nationally in the press against Judge Escandon, he was later moved from the family court division to the civil court division in Monmouth County. It appears the court of public opinion can, at times, be more powerful than the court of law.

I have also learned Judge Paul Escandon and other judges in the Monmouth County courthouse, continue to be under federal investigation by the FBI for their countless examples of alleged bias, corruption, fraud and other misdeeds. All of us testifying and protesting today pray the FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice bring their federal charges sooner rather than later against all the corrupt judges in Monmouth County and throughout NJ and convict them all.
In my opinion, Judge Escandon's fraudulent behavior included many acts of bias, fraud and restriction of my due process and Constitution Rights.

Clear examples of Judge Paul Escandon's bias and fraudulent behavior and decisions in my case included:

terminating my parental rights without due process of law in October 2011 by failing to give me a proper custody hearing regarding my young autistic son and giving custody of him to my abusive, separated, husband with a long history of domestic violence, and Judge Escandon failed to ever set a time to revisit his biased ruling, as required by law.

Judge Escandon lied to me many times, including a big lie stating a custody hearing was not required, even though New Jersey law makes clear parental custody can not be changed without a proper custody hearing.

Judge Escandon illegally stripped me of my joint, legal custody rights and gave my abusive, separated husband sole custody of my son, while also giving him effective veto power over my parenting time. What Judge Escandon did severally traumatized both myself and my son.

I quickly filed an emergent appeal against Judge Escandon's decision and was granted back residential custody of my son by the NJ appellate court. However, several years later, Judge Linda Grasso-Jones, a close friend of Judge Escandon's in Monmouth County court, quickly granted residential custody of my son back to my abusive, separated husband due to my ex's family's cozy and biased relationship with Judge Grasso-Jones.

My ex, who works in finance and makes between 1/2 million and 1 million dollars or more a year, hired a law firm with very close ties to both Judge Paul Escandon and NJ Governor Chris Christie. In my opinion, the law firm, my ex, Bryan Alintoff, and his brothers, Scott Alintoff and Larry Alintoff, all colluded and conspired to hide Bryan Alintoff's assets outside the state of New Jersey, putting me under the federal poverty level.

Judge Escandon was clearly made aware my ex's assets were being hidden, but Escandon's behavior and decisions during court showed his clear bias while I was before his court to best help my abusive ex, a rich man with deep pockets.

I am proud to speak not only for myself, but also on behalf of many women and families in Monmouth County NJ who have been greatly wronged, wounded and traumatized by Judge Paul Escandon. I, sadly, have met many dozens of women whose stories of trauma and bias are very similar to my own nightmare. Here is the very common theme:

Rich men in NJ with strong political, law enforcement and judicial connections, use a strategy of calling their wives crazy to get custody of their children. (Even though most of these women have no history what-so-ever of any past mental illness or neuroses of any kind. All have an alleged, biased and corrupt judge (Judge Paul Escandon) along with a court-appointed, biased and corrupt court-evaluator who also calls their wives crazy, while these husbands hide their money out-of-state or with their family members and love to keep the divorce and custody cases in the courtroom for many years until all the wives and children are fully traumatized and also must file for bankruptcy. In fact, many of these poor wives are in arrears for now having to pay their rich husbands child support while in poverty, due to their husbands' and judges' lies, deceit and fraud. And this has been going on in NJ, especially in Monmouth County, for many, many years.

Now senators, in conclusion, you have an important opportunity to send a strong message to Judge Paul Escandon and other alleged corrupt and fraudulent judges by voting NO to his tenure. Judge Paul Escandon puts a stain on the robe of all ethical and moral judges in our nation, in my opinion and in the opinion of many others across NJ, including the many people also wronged by Judge Escandon sitting here in this committee meeting room and countless others who could not make it here today.

Please do the right thing. STOP Judge Escandon from every abusing another litigant, from ever showing clear & convincing bias against women and from preventing abusive men from gaining custody of the kids they hurt every day due to Judge Paul Escandon's unethical and biased decisions. Please vote NO for Judge Escandon's tenure. Thanks for your time and attention to this important decision and to the very important issues of judicial misconduct, loving mothers and their loving children. Thank you.

Rachel Alintoff Testified against Judge Escandon's Tenure


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