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Racial wars and purging of the middle class

Updated on August 6, 2016

I was sitting alone watching a movie when a question came to my mind; Why is the world getting racially divided after so many years of people fighting for us to be united?

Everyday if you look up the news, you will find stories of racial tension and division in almost every country. Sometimes you will find issues of religious division. Though the title says racial division, I will however address religious division, as these are related for the purpose of this article. Now i wondered to myself what could be causing all the fighting and division, and only reached one long conclusion which i will share with you now.

We all know that men desires power and absolute power corrupts. In our modern society wherein we have a large population in the middle class, power seems to be disolved and no one man has absolute power. So the question is how does the upper class maintain their power and purge every threat to their power? They have to get rid of the middle class economically and then physically.

Let's focus on economically. The elites have a lot of power and great organisation which are sometimes even bigger than economies of entire countries. With this power comes bullying in the form of lobbying. So what they do is that they lobby for policies which protect exploitation of people and below average wages. When this happens, they get rid of the middle class because the middle class becomes unable to work the lengthy hours in the office and now has to be fired. One other field the elite is really investing in is the use of robots to replace people. They even have a robot lawyer now, so clearly no job is safe. With this, it makes it easier to get rid of the middle class and to retain all the power to themselves.

But the biggest thing and the main reason i wrote this article is race and religion. The elite realise that they cannot truly conquer us until they have divided us. First they need to divide us and make sure there is no cooperation and this they do by funding religious and race wars and divisions. They first have to make us not care about one another so that when our fellow neighbour get's in trouble we don't lend a helping hand. And this they are doing very well. Further more, they also need to depopulate each and every divided group so that the people do not have enough power to get up and uprise against them. They have first divided you, and now they want to make sure that in your divided groups, you pose little to no threat to them. So they go back again to race and religion and make you hate each other. When this happens you start fighting and killing each other.

In conclusion, let me leave you a WARNING. Becareful that you do not purge your fellow mates and help the elite do what they want without even having any blood on their hands. Remember, that's what they want. For us to purge each other while they watch, and no one will ever point the finger to them, but to us for having killed each other. Just like Zombies.


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