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Racism: Is It Worth It?

Updated on June 24, 2017

Racism has been around for a long time and it won't disappear anytime soon. There are a few things that drive humans to be racist and it doesn't matter what the color of your skin is, you can still be racist. If you're saying that you're not a racist, you're probably lying. You may argue against it but everyone has said something bad about another race sometime in their lives. I'm as guilty as anyone else. When our emotions build up to a certain point we tend to stop thinking rational. We talk before we think and want to apologize afterwards but if you said something racist, it means you have had thoughts about it sometime in your life.

Racism started back in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries when Jews were associated with the devil and witchcraft. The Renaissance and Reformation period is another example of racism from the era it all started. The Europeans were making much more contact with dark pigmented people from Africa and Asia. Naturally Europeans judged them for not having the same education and values and looked down on them. Many Africans became slaves during this time and everybody thought it was perfectly normal.

The history of racism is a long one but why is it that even in modern times it still exists? We have landed on the moon, we built a particle accelerator and discovered a new particle that no one new existed. We are still achieving great things everyday and different races from all over the world work together to achieve these things but still we can't look past the wall of racism.

Most habits begin during our childhood. Our parents and grandparents constantly talk about racism because they were affected by it when they grew up and since they talk about it, you begin to unconsciously talk about it as well. A good example of this is in South Africa. South Africa had racism and it was written in the book of the law that stated where which race may be and where they may stay. They called it Apartheid. Many people were touched by this and my grandparents and parents used to talk about it and I've never forgotten what they said. It's a cycle. Even if you weren't touched by it directly, someone was and someday I'll probably tell my children about it as well. Racism will never truly go away unless people look away from the past and move on, especially people who weren't touched by it directly.

It's true that people from Africa tend to be less intelligent but it's not because of their race and skin tone. They simply never had the same chances at a good education like other people. If you come out of a broken home and never learned any values, the chances are good that you'll probably be broken as well. An education is essential to our well-being. There are numerous Africans who went off to live in better countries, got their degrees and had a good life with enough money to support their families. Education can make things happen for you that you never thought were possible.

I will agree that racism is a hard subject to openly talk about since it has hurt so many people in the past. The world would be so different and wonderful without racism. Imagine for a moment that we had overcome racism and we now live in a world where everyone is seen as equal...

Have you ever said something that was racist?

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