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Racism Isn't for Everyone

Updated on November 7, 2014
Interracial Friendship
Interracial Friendship | Source


I love the diversity the world has to offer including the many color varieties there are when it comes to skin tone. I would never say I don't like a particular group of people but I would say I don't like certain individuals in those groups. We can all admit that in every race there are the groups of people who stand out in a negative way. What do I mean by this? Let's take a look at different races and the groups that can ultimately be described as harmful to their general reputation:

Negative Groups
African American
Gangsters, Racists
Mafia Members
Drug Cartels
Hicks, Racists

Disregard the Ignorance

Why should we exclude those people from the general population and our thoughts on it? Those people are all minorities of much larger and diverse bodies of individuals. These bodies include pioneers, heroes, and people who have mattered; who have made this world better as a whole. If you can look at someone and say they are no better than you based on their skin tone without going deeper and getting to know the person behind the flesh then you are not deserving of a judgment. It would have no basis but instead be shameful and ignorant. I have had my own family members be guilty of this and i think poorly of their choices. They are upstanding christians so they should think of everyone fairly yet even some of them have this flaw. I am not sure why some people think this is moral but it's not and most of us should know this.

"Racism Is Taught"
"Racism Is Taught" | Source

I Shouldn't Have to Pay and neither Should You

I'm sorry my ancestors were horrible people and I truly hate the fact that to this day African Americans living in the US are still disadvantaged. If I could change this I would but I am one white person among the many so to the rude fellow in Philadelphia last week maybe you should consider this the next time you chose to be rude to me because of my skin color. Yes I am white and yes we have some bad history but if you knew me you would know i was the sweetest most caring individual and that if I saw that you needed help in anyway I would be there in an instant not because of your color but because of my big heart so keep that in mind when your treating people like crap for no reason. Someday you may need someone to help you, eventually we all do, and their skin color will not matter so why should it any other time? Lose the ego and help create a more equal world.

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What We Can Do To Help

Underneath we all have the same exact skeleton. We all have pasts and please don't believe just because I am a white female that mines been peachy. I grew up poor too, I had nothing. I was that kid who always despised getting asked what they got for christmas because surprise, surprise my family could hardly afford food let alone gifts. I endured extreme mental abuse on the regular, by two drunks, which led me to depression and anxiety problems later in life. I've been through much worse but am not willing to spill my heart that far in an article but you at least have a picture of where this is going. I am the last person you should be mean to or hold negative feelings toward for no reason. I deserve so much more then what I've gotten out of the world and so have you. I'm sure we all have to some degree because we are no different. When you see someone instead of thinking about how disgusting, improper, or wrong they look or act instead think about what kind of past they might have had. Imagine the worst one you could think of and treat them how you would treat that person with the bad past.

Final Thoughts

I am going to keep this article short because it was mostly a rant on my part. I am still just really frustrated about what happened to me and what happens to a lot of people on a daily basis and wanted to help put an end to the way society thinks it can treat people. I hope my writings were insightful and helped someone gain a new perspective. Racism will eventually fade but the way you treat people now can never erased and your hurting innocent people. You are worse then any skin color could ever be if your heart and mind can accept inflicting your negativity onto a stranger who has done nothing wrong to you as a person and in general.

Racial Diversity Masks
Racial Diversity Masks | Source


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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 2 years ago

      A Great message for all of us to keep in mind. I have experienced racism and it is hurtful but I feel pity for those can't overcome their personal prejudism.

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